Killed village Alatreon with HR GS set!

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User Info: DannyTheChamp

4 months ago#1

This is more of a rant but I'd love to hear other's experiences fighting village Alatreon with full HR sets

Holy crap I have about 140 hrs on MH3U and just recently got to the end of the single player campaign, cleared the stupid Ivory lagi, Azure Rath and Brachy quest and have been feeling out Alatreon for a bit. Got my butt handed to me on an obsidian platter because I've literally done every quest with LS and with Dios Katana+ I couldn't even scratch alatreon. The attack opportunities just aren't long enough to actually maintain a charge on the LS so the damage output was pitiful. Ended up deciding that it just wasn't going to happen and so I decided to craft Dios Blade+ so that I'd be able to deal more damage in the small windows of opportunity.

Then I proceeded to get my butt handed to me since I didn't understand how GS worked. Went out and hunted an HR Great Jaggi and an HR Brachy with the dios blade+ to practice the attack pattern of GS. Went back to alatreon and killed it with 6:47 to spare!

Final set:

Dios Blade+ - evasion +1

Brachydios Helm
Brachydios Mail
Brachydios Braces
Brachydios Faulds
Brachydios Greaves

Amulet - Protection +7

Final Skills:
Bombardier - Armor + 10
Adrenaline +1 - Armor + 10
Challenger +1 - Armor + 10
Speed Sharpening - Gems +10
Divine Protection - Gems + 3, Amulet + 7
Evasion Down was mitigated by an evasion gem in the Dios Blade+

More info in the comments

User Info: DannyTheChamp

4 months ago#2
Pt 1:
ChaCha and Kayamba:
Boom-Boom + Woo-Hoo - Attack Up(Lo), Defense Up(Lo), Natural Recovery Up, Recovery(Hi)
The recovery Hi is like a megapotion which is nice, and nat recovery Up gives you a lot of extra healing you might not expect because this fight is so drawn out. I don't know if it boosts how much damage turns into red health or how quickly red health heals but either way it's very nice.
Alternatively I might put one of them with:
Boom-Boom + Ooga-Booga - Attack Up(Lo) Attack Up(Hi), Defense Up(Lo), Hot & Cool
Attack up Hi is nice but the real kicker here is Hot & Cool since if you end up dying twice then for the last section of the fight you are more than likely gonna be out of cool drinks

Some 3 slot masks - Ailment Attack Up, Paralysis Attack, Seven Lives
This provides a small chance (probably once per fight) of Alatreon being paralyzed which can be used to bomb him or just unleash a great attack combo on his head. The thoughts here are that they always are gonna die 7 times so they might as well get as powerful as possible from it. Admittedly i don't know the nuances of the abilities so this is a personal thing.
Alternative - Bombardier, Slime attack, Seven Lives
Slime is nice. Enough said.

User Info: DannyTheChamp

4 months ago#3
Pt 2:

Ingredients to bring:
3 Lg Barrel Bomb + 3 Scatterfish = 3 Lg Barrel Bomb+
10 Bounce Bomb + 10 Bomb Arowana = 10 Bounce Bomb+
10 Bomb Casing + 10 Flashbugs = 10 Flash Bombs
10 Bomb Casing + 10 Exiteshrooms = 10 Farcaster
10 Potions + 10 Honey = 10 Megapotions

Final Item list:
Sm Barrel Bomb+ 5 total - carry 5
Lg Barrel Bomb+ 5 total - carry 2, bring 3 Lg Barrel Bombs and 3 Scatterfish
Bounce Bomb+ 20 total - carry 10, bring 10 Bounce Bombs and 10 Bomb Arowana
Flash Bomb 15 total - carry 5, bring 10 bomb casing and 10 flashbugs
Farcaster 11 total - carry 1, bring 10 bomb casing and 10 exiteshrooms
Nulberry 10 total - carry 10
Megapotions 20 total - carry 10, bring 10 potions and 10 honey
Whetstone 20 total - carry 20
Armortalon 1 total - bring 1
Powercharm 1 total - bring 1
Powertalon 1 total - bring 1
Welldone Steak 10 total - bring 10
Cool Drink 5 total - bring 5
Max Potion 2 total - bring 2
Ancient Potion 1 Total - bring 1

I'm writing this from memory and I THINK there are only 8 slots per page which is 24 items which makes this the correct list.

User Info: DannyTheChamp

4 months ago#4
Last part
Pt 3:
Item usage:

Lg Barrel Bomb+ - After its rain of ice attack, Alatreon always lands in the same place, this is ideal for setting up 2 Barrel Bomb+ and exploding them when it lands with a S Barrel Bomb+. If done right it should interupt his eminent electric attack, freeing up an opportunity to land some hits on it. 2Lg+ 1sm+ -> 2Lg+ 1sm+ -> 1Lg+ 1sm+. You should end up with an extra 2 sm barrel bomb+ which you can set off whenever.
Bounce Bomb+ - Use any time it is in flight mode. The only attacks of his that I can't dodge in this mode are the tail whip and being stuck in the electric storm attack.
Flash Bomb - Repeat after me: "I do not expect these to work" "I do not expect these to work" "I do not expect these to work". I'm not the best aim with a flash bomb and there have been times where I absolutely seem to be trying to blind its butt. However, Alatreon does NOT GET STUNNED without an exact perfect flash bomb right in front of his eyes. Bring the flash bombs, use em when it in the air and on a set course, like its ice breath attack. Do not expect them to work, but if they do, go on and give it a good smack upside the head as a prize.
Farcaster - Use when ChaCha and Kayamba are dead and you are < 60% HP. Another decent circumstance is when you are low on many supplies that need to be crafted and aren't finding many attack opportunities. The drawback of this item is that you lose precious windows of opportunities for attacks so be sure you have a good reason to be backing. BE SURE TO CRAFT YOUR NEXT FARCASTER RIGHT AFTER USING IT. There is nothing worse than basing, return to alatreon fight, needing to base and frantically realizing you don't have a farcaster ready then dying to a charge or something that you didn't need to die to.
Nulberry - Use anytime you have dragonblight and don't intend to use a farcaster.
Megapotions - Use anytime you are low on health but don't intend to use a farcaster
Whetstone - Use as soon as you get to green sharpness and every time you use a farcaster. You have 20 so you won't run out with ~11 farcaster trips. It's better to stay sharp than instead fade to green sharpness right as a great attack opportunity opens up
Welldone Steak - Personal preference but I only eat these when it would be fully effective IE. I am missing 50 total stamina, not 25. Usually done on farcaster trip but doesn't really matter.
Cool Drink - Use one as soon as you spawn into the map and whenever cooling wears off.
Max Potion - If you don't have canteen upgrades for +50 hp then use one right as the battle begins, and the second one after your second death
Ancient Potion - Use after your first death to quickly get back to battle without having to eat steak.

Ground mode (Glowing red or after being grounded with binder / flash bomb) - The main openings I found were after his charge, after his quick backup flight -> divebomb attack, after his forward aimed electric attack, and during/after his pointless fly up -> drop down motion.

Flight mode (Glowing blue) - If ballista binder is up, bait him over to that corner and stun him on the ground. Go up to his face, charge up an overhead slash, then sideslash, overhead slash, sideslash, rising slash. The charged overhead, first sideslash, and second overhead should land no problem while he is still on the ground then as he is rising the second sideslash should put you into position to land a rising slash on his chest. Then he will be ground locked for a while so fight him like he is in ground mode. If ballista isn't up, be wary of his attacks because he has plenty of AoE. Use Bounce Bomb+ at any opportunity, try for a lucky flash bomb and be ready for followup.

User Info: Kaioken

4 months ago#5
MH3U: Kaio-Ken! HR999.
People screaming and spamming things like "Supah saya-jin burueee" makes me cringe... Seriously, stop it :S
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