I never liked this game...

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User Info: WoodenRook

5 months ago#1
And I blame the font and hard to read text. I have a huge TV had 20/20 Lasik surgery and still struggled to see the dang text in this game. I hope future games are better because the premise of the game is very engaging for me.
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User Info: Teran17

5 months ago#2
The Wii U version has bad text scaling, I agree, but it is what it is.

3U on 3DS and other games in the series don't have this issue, I think it was just something they did poorly in the HD porting process.
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User Info: PreparetoSigh

5 months ago#3
I hope you are not straining to read the dialogue boxes... so little of the dialogue text is important. Mostly you just need to look at armor/weapon stats and skills. If you stick with the game for a bit you will find that you don't need to read much at all. Well.. unless you are chatting online.

User Info: Limebeer

5 months ago#4
I play 3DS... I've never noticed a problem with the text. Then again, I expect it to be small, so... *shrugs*
You aren't missing much on the text though for dialogue, except for a few quips that is...
.....in bed.
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  3. I never liked this game...

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