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User Info: Deaththekid6677

7 months ago#1
Hello, I'm currently in the springs area and looking for other hunters to brace the world of monster hunter 3 yet again. Anyone in the Colorado area? This is my first MH game and I'm loving it! Just want others to hunt with /:

User Info: Limebeer

7 months ago#2
are you playing the WiiU edition or the 3DS version? because the 3DS version does not have online (does support Local Play though) bed.
-All hail the magic pixel! HR28 MH3U, HR321 MH4U, HR100 MHGen

User Info: Deaththekid6677

7 months ago#3
I own a 3ds I know it only supports local that's why I wanna meet up and take down some monsters!

User Info: dogbertius

7 months ago#4
For 3U, you'll need to purchase a WiiU and some special network dongle if you want to be able to access online directly via your 3DS. 4U and GENS don't have this restriction.

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