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User Info: sid4975

6 years ago#1
I noticed this wasn't on the wii u board so figured Id post it over here since its amazing and has helped me get all the creator charms on table 10 I wanted!

credit goes too Syaopup for the original post on the 3ds board

here is the link to the orininal post.


here is the post

Mostly a copy and paste of fbueckert’s post with some edits

Basic Requirements

- For best results, you need to be at least HR8 online. You can do this in Misty Peaks at HR3, but your mileage may vary
- Wear the Leather set for Gathering, Whim, Speed Gathering skills, and minimum defences
- Gem in Bombardier. Mostly for your suiciding efficiency; spending time moves the RNG, and you don't want that if you're close to the charm you want
- Dump everything out of your bag. Bring along 3 LBB, 2 LBB+ and Pickaxes
- Leave Cha-cha and Kayamba behind. Their actions make the RNG less predictable

Save game prep

You want to "lock" the skills you get from cooking. All you really want is Felyne Explorer. To do so:
1. Save your game
2. Cook Fish with Wine
3. If you don't get Felyne Explorer, take a quest and abandon it. Start again from Step 1
4. If you DO get Felyne Explorer, do not save the game. You've just "locked" Explorer as your skill every time you reload this game. Quit and reload

Now you need to figure out where you are in your RNGs. You do this by performing one run as fast as you can. Find the charms you mined in Athena's Charm Table and right-click it; the RNG value will tell you where in the RNG# you are. Ignore the Seed value. Likewise, use the charm table to find out the RNG value of the charm you’re after.

The run
Do this part as quickly/consistently as possible

1. Load your savegame
2. Grab any non-Harvest Tour quest for the Misty Peaks
3. Eat for your Explorer skill that you've locked. If the ingredients aren't Fresh, use a Voucher
4. As soon as the quest starts, mine out the hidden area, and gather if there are bones
5. Drop a LBB, and kick it. Repeat till dead
6. After you've carted, sprint to Area 1, and drop a LBB+. Kick it. It should kill you
7. Kill yourself again with Step 6
8. Congratulations, you've failed the quest. The Appraisal screen will give you your charms
9. If you didn't get your desired charm, re-load. Otherwise, congratulations! You just sniped your charm

Once you figure out where on the RNG you are, you want to figure out how far away you are from your chosen charm. If you want, say a charm with RNG 5000, and you find out that your charms give you RNGs of 4000-4500, then what you need to do is delay your third death for a bit. Exactly how long is up in the air, and hasn't been completely determined. Some testing has shown that it's roughly 300 "Actions" per minute of waiting in Area 1 of Misty Peaks. So that's about 5/second. What you can do is keep track of the quest timer, and note the RNG range of the charms you got. If the one you want is inside that range, you've found your time limit.

If you're far from your desired RNG, waste some Actions by going to Moga Woods on a freehunt, and just stand around for a bit. Save right after, and you've permanently moved your RNG forward a bit. Note that it wraps around back to 0 somewhere around ~5400.

Once you've found the correct time range, you just have to hope that you get your desired charm. If you don't, reload and re-run, and try to kill yourself the third time at the same point in time.

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