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User Info: FelixTrapper

5 years ago#1
This is a short FAQ intended for players transferring over from Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. Many of the 'new' differences are actually old things from previous Playstation titles, but as a large number of Wii U players only ever knew Monster Hunter Tri, this list will cater to their questions about what is different. A lot of this information was taken from the Monster Hunter Wiki, but I believe here it is compiled and easy to quickly read--especially since a lot of new players have been asking what the differences are lately on this board.

This list is not exhaustive but it does contain the vast majority of major details. Feel free to add any others you feel were missed.

G E N E R A L - D I F F E R E N C E S
Supports 1080p resolution
3DS and Wii U games are able to connect and play together locally.
G-Rank difficulty adds new challenges
New companion, Kayamba, joins alongside Cha-cha.
A companion can now join you in online mode if there is an empty slot.
Awards, similar to achievements, for completing certain tasks. (44 in total)
Supports text chat via with gamepad (no longer requires USB keyboard, though that is an option alongside built-in voice chat)
A new feature called Target Camera allows hunters to center the camera on nearby large monsters
Touch screen can be used for item combining and map/menu

*Sacred Land now has a ballista weapon for use
*Tower 3 area from Freedom Unite. Arena like area where rare monsters can be fought (Silver Rathalos, Gold Rathian, etc.)
*New Mountain Peaks area from Portable 3rd. Entire zone comparable in size to the other levels, with 9 sub-areas.
*New town, Tanjia Port, replaces Loc-Lac City.
*New 100% exclusive area, Disastrous Sea, is where players will fight Guran-Miraosu

W E A P O N S / A R M O R
*4 new weapon types: Dual Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn and Bow. All the weapons from Tri return.
*A new element "blast" is added to the game.
*G-rank versions of old armor receive graphical overhaul and look noticeably different
*New armor sets from all the new monsters
*New weapons from all the new monsters

S M A L L - M O N S T E R S
Gargwa, a round bird.
Zuwaroposu, a swamp herbivore.
Bullfango, a wild boar.
Anteka, an elk-like monster.
Furogi, a relative to the jaggi with a poison element.

L A R G E - M O N S T E R S
Japanese unconfirmed names in quotations
Plesioth, The Underwater Terror, Master of the Giant Lake
Lagombi, a white rabbit beast
"Dosufurogi", The Great Froggi
Duramboros, the Hammer-Tail wyvern
Nibelsnarf, Hunter Eater
Nargacuga, the Living Shadow, Black Beast
Arzuros, the blue bear beast.
Volvidon, the volcanic armadillo
Zinogre, the thunder wolf wyvern.
Brachydios, the crushing wyvern

L A R G E - M O N S T E R - S U B S P E C I E S
These are monsters with slight variations to their attacks and behavior. While some are hardly changed at all, others are changed enough that they deserve to be counted as a unique monster. (But we won't!)

===Crimson Qurupeco===
*Dwells in subtropical zones, such as the Volcano and the Flooded Forest.
*Red and blue in color.
*Unique flints
*Generates electricity instead of fire
*Can create a blinding flash
*Roar requires earplugs to block
*New song causes other monsters to enter rage mode
*Frequently summons Narcacuga.
*Larger and more aggressive

===Royal Ludroth Subspecies===
*Purple coloration
*Can inflict poison with its swipe, spitting balls, releasing poison from mane etc.
*Breathes poisonous gas when enraged
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: FelixTrapper

5 years ago#2
===Jade Barroth===
*Blue and Green coloration
*Lives in the Tundra
*Does U-turn charges
*Can inflict Snowman status
*tosses 3 chunks of debris at hunter with its head
*slams head, causing ice to shoot out

===Gigginox Subspecies===
*Golden-green color
*Still resides in Tundra only
*No body slam, instead creates an electric field like Lagiacrus
*Lays exploding eggs of electricity instead of hatching giggi.
*Can inflict paralysis

===Uragaan Subspecies===
*Metallic in nature as opposed to rock
*Can inflict Soiled status
*Can appear on the Deserted Island (in addition to Volcano)

===Barioth Subspecies===
*Orange-yellow color
*Lives in Sandy Plains
*New tornado attack, creating a dust devil

===Agnaktor Subspecies===
*Coated in ice
*Lives in Tundra
*Shoots water/ice beam that can sweep side to side
*Can inflict Iceblight and Waterblight
*Armor works opposite of normal Agnaktor--gets softer as it burrows
*Smaller overall than normal Agnaktor though its beak appears bigger.

===Azure Rathalos===
*Bluish/Green color
*Higher stamina
*Considerably more aggressive
*Weakness is wings instead of head

===Silver Rathalos===
*Silver, reflective coating
*Extremely high stamina/aggressiveness
*Very rare, usually only fought events
*Roar requires HG Earplugs to block
*Tendency to stay airborne longer than usual

===Pink Rathian===
*Pink coloring
*Stronger attacks
*More armor
*Higher health
*Emphasizes tail attacks more

===Gold Rathian===
*Gold coloring
*Exceptionally hard shell, difficult to pierce (Yes we know gold is a very soft metal)
*Roar requires HG Earplugs to block
*Can link a backflip attack to a fireball
*Can perform a surprise backflip as she's getting up from being knocked down

===Black Diablos===
*Technically not a subspecies, this has been confirmed to be a female Diablos
*Black coloring
*Stronger attacks, though it shares the same movepool as normal Diablos.

===Ceadeus Subspecies===
*Darker coloring
*Has 2 big horns instead of 1, totalling 4 horn carves
*2nd water beam attack the sweeps side to side instead of up and down
*50 minute limit as opposed to 30
*More agile in the water, can quickly ascend to the top of ruins
*Cannot be repelled, must be slain
*Limited only to the final area, does not travel through the ruin.

===Lagiacrus Subspecies===
*White coloring
*Spends a lot more time on land

===Lagiacrus Rare Species===
*Dark indigo coloring
*Extremely rare, fought in the underwater ruin
*Always in a fully charged state
*Spins rapidly in circles, creating whirlpools
*Much stronger electrical discharge attack with wider radius
*5 carves instead of the usual 3
*Immune to traps and cannot be captured

===Jhen Mohran Subspecies===
*Purple coloring
*Fought in the same manner
*Different attack order
*One new attack, spewing out sand.

===Green Plesioth===
===Rust Duramboros===
===Green Nargacuga===
===Nargacuga Rare Species===
===Stygian Zinogre===
As these are new monsters to the Tri player, I will not elaborate on their subspecies.

Technically, this is an expansion of Tri, but it is an amazing one at that. 4 new weapon types, 11 completely new unique monsters, and in total over 50 monsters including rare and elusive subspecies with different attack pools and habitats, and dozens of new armors and weapons to collect make this the 'ultimate' hunting experience.

User Info: d_money_man

5 years ago#3
Good job. This has been needed for a while. Possible sticky?
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User Info: MillionGunmannn

5 years ago#4
Sticky this **** now
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User Info: chumpykalamoona

5 years ago#5
Very nice, but Duramboros is his official English name. Not an unconfirmed Japanese one.
You have it in quotations as if its Japanese. His Japanese name is Doboruberuku.
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User Info: FelixTrapper

5 years ago#6
chumpykalamoona posted...
Very nice, but Duramboros is his official English name. Not an unconfirmed Japanese one.
You have it in quotations as if its Japanese. His Japanese name is Doboruberuku.

Thanks! post edited

User Info: Brian1337

5 years ago#7
Tagged for sticky
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User Info: Griznayfiznox

5 years ago#8
Sticky requested, good job!
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User Info: Lokarin

5 years ago#9
A companion can now join you in online mode if there is an empty slot.

This message has been brought to you by salt.
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User Info: mhunterchump

5 years ago#10
Just to add a few to the list:

All quests are available offline.

Event quests are download now instead of rotating and once you download them, you can play them forever, whenever.

Village now has low rank and high rank.

Moga Woods Free Hunt now has Low Rank and High Rank (Day and night) and almost all Monsters now can appear except G Rank Monsters. Yes, that means Ura, Baggi, Diablos, Jho, etc. can appear.

The story is a little different also as it adds 2 storylines for two of the new Monsters. Ceadeus is not even a key quest in the village so you don't even have to fight him if you don't want to.
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