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User Info: assassin1799

5 years ago#1
So you've got the Skeletron Hand, Mask, and a nice skelly vanity or necro Armor equipped! Maybe made a house of bones and Dundeon Brick for your clothier? What could make your Addiction to out favorite boss any better? How about Him following you around?

Yes folks I'm talking about the Bone Key. Now we all know the scoop. Megasgark and a long sky bridge. THAT STOPS TODAY! In this guide I will tell you (and possibly show you) how to not get one, or two, but as many as you like, and it takes No ammo, little supplies, and only 15 minutes!

-Turtle Armor
-Roughly 200ish Wood
-A Bed
-Black belt/ Master ninja gear*

What?! No weapons needed?! Delete this now Assassin! But I'm serious. You won't need anything not on that list right there. Lets get started shall we?

1) Make a New World
2) Find Dungeon
3)Dig Down BESIDE the dungeon
-make sure you never get behind a dungeon background wall
4) Get down to cavern Layer
5)Build house right up against the dungeon
-Roof must be platforms and a 3 high walkway above roof

Done? Good! Now let's get that bone key!
So your house is right against the dungeon so get on your platform roof and start tunneling into the dungeon so some background walls are exposed. A dungeon guardian will probably fly out and kill you. Thats good! Now stop digging. Go from your house, into the small area beside it with the background walls. IMPORTANT PART! Immediately run back so you are above your bed (not in the house just on the roof) a dundeon guardian should fly out and kill you**. IMMEDIATELY RESPAWN! like the second you die be slamming that A/X button. When you respawn the guardian will be right above you, moving downward. He will slam into you, killing you again. But this time something else happened didn't it!.The Guardian died!*** as you respawm you should pick up the bone key. Wala!
How did this happen? The Turtle Armor! It reflex the damage you took from the Guardian, removing hath his HP!***
**black belt/master ninja gear may make you Dodge the first attack, but still dealing full damage to the guardian!
***Sometimes the attack won't do enough damage to kill The Guardian with two hits.( Only really happened 1/10 of the time)

Hope I helped! :)
If confused I'll try to post pics (I'm fairly new here)

Turtle armor
House beside dundeon
Reswan twice, two hits kill
Baby skeletron head

User Info: punycats101

5 years ago#2
Well, actually, there's a better method of killing him. Using the HOIK method. Here's a video by Yrimir about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHw06h2L-rc
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User Info: assassin1799

5 years ago#3
Yeah but hoiks can be confusing or unwanted by some people who find houks to be cheating. I find my way to be more legit and is still quite quick and easy while be reusable. With hooks you have to spend a minute or two to kill dundeon guardian. With my method just hop in a world, spawn right in the set-up, and kill the guardian in literally 10 seconds MAX

User Info: DeusExAlhazad

5 years ago#4
And your method is good and simple but doesn't work for players who play mediumcore or hardcore characters by choice, so alternatives are always welcome.
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User Info: assassin1799

5 years ago#5
@DeusExAlhazad thank you and true I didn't think about hardcore. I guess my method will end there runs fairly quickly

User Info: ShadowCobalion

5 years ago#6
Thanks! A friend and I just tried killing him by flying in circles with Scourge of the Corrupter for fifteen minutes and died when he has at least 100 health left... Now we can finally continue with our quest to get all the pets
Xbox Live Gamertag: ShadowDialgas.

User Info: assassin1799

5 years ago#7
No Problem, Glad I can help!
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