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  3. Housing not suitable. Weird bug.
hooblabla6262 8 years ago#1
Two of my six rooms say they are not suitable.

They meet the valid requirements (space, light)
They have a flat and comfort item.
They are nowhere near corruption.
They meet the npc block requirement.

Funny thing I noticed though. When I stand on the table in the room, it suddenly becomes suitable.

Known bug?
pballer86 8 years ago#2
Are u sure its not corruption or hallow.? I had the same problem and just had to build up higher...
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Warablo13 8 years ago#3
I know doors and furniture can interfere with space and block limitations..
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Mohawk_Bravo 8 years ago#4
Try opening the door outwards. If I open the doors inward for any of my keep's rooms, the rooms become unsuable.
stevehowse 8 years ago#5
If you take a wood platform, torch, or something similar that can hang off walls, and place it on the inside of your house against the top of the 3 block high door, then it prevents the door from opening inwards, but your housing stays suitable.
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hooblabla6262 8 years ago#6
It was the amount of furniture in the house. Thanks everyone.

Anyone know the actual minimum free block space requirement?

I had two identical rooms beside one another. One wall full to the brim of furniture and suitable, the other only had a chair, table and bench yet didn't become suitable till I chucked the bench.
Seemed weird.
martingolding96 8 years ago#7
i make rooms 10X6 and have 1 table 1 chair and 1 door and get the housing not suitable message but when i add a workbench it becomes a valid house
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  3. Housing not suitable. Weird bug.
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