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User Info: epaacccc

5 years ago#1
Starting the game on normal difficulty:

-Do not tick ironman. Game can sometimes be buggy and you don't want to ruin your save. Do not savescum either, makes the game less fun imo.

- I recommend 10 leadership, then at least 9 tactics or diplomacy, depending if you want to be "aggressive" or "peaceful". Healing is the most useless skill, you need 3 at most, herbs are abundant and with practice you can get flawless victory most of the time.

- "Proud" trait is the easiest to raise morale with. Always pick proud followers if you are playing "aggressive" game. Only hire maximum one person with "narcissistic" and you have to promote him/her first.

- Sword for higher defense, polearm for higher offense, arquebus is better than bow. Take the weapon specialty into account when picking your followers.

- Try to pick followers that does not have opposite trait with each other, e.g. "open minded" and "racist", or most importantly "peaceful" and "aggressive". "proud" and "peaceful" works fine for "aggressive" campaign though because "proud" counterbalance the morale loss for picking "aggressive" choice. Just like in real life "aggressive" and "greedy" choices usually give you the best result.

- 2 doctors. 1-2 scouts, 0-1 scholar, at least 2 hunters and 4 soldiers. Sometimes, you will end up with 3 or more members injured along with your doctor from random event (even if you never lose a battle). You need to promote hunters at least 2 times for them to be good in battle, one doctor should also get promoted twice (for revive). Promote 6 people (battle party) twice before going for higher promotion (unless mexico campaign). Try to use/level up your starting characters rather than npcs because sometimes npcs can be unavailable to use and stuff for story reason.

- You only need 1 person to have 10 tinkering and that is if only you want to research level 3 (quite later in the game). Guard and hunting are critical. Doctors should not put points into herbalism (or max 3 for one of them), but rather hunting or tinkering depending on the party composition. Patrol is neat but not necessary, always try to camp with >90% guard and >70% hunting.

- Go for defensive skills for doctor (increase range def and increase endurance), hunters should go for increase critical %(not so hot at the beginning because your morale is low) or keen eye, and walk the shots for veteran promotion(very powerful). Soldiers go for melee def and endurance.

- Net traps are waste of material. Lantern and spike are generally the most useful. Caltrops are ok, barricades are situational. Torch are a waste of oil, unless you play hunter heavy team.

- In battles, generally field minimum 1 doctor and 2-3 soldiers. The rest is up to you. Do not put scout and hunter on the same battlefield, they do not complement each other. Scout is good for offense (flanking and holding range units, night battles), while hunter is good at defense/choke points.

- Research cart improvement first. The rest are not very useful. Generally your limiting material is not wood/metal but oil and rope. Rope is needed for most things, and oil is a precious commodity to make lanterns which are really good.

- Always preserve meat when you can. Herbalism can always wait. You will have 500 medicine and 90 unused herbs after awhile. Always treat followers when you can.

- Do not be discouraged when losing a random camp battle. The one where you have to survive for 10 turns are notoriously difficult if you get them early in the game. For missions where the enemy surrounds you from 2 sides, always charge to one of the side with more ranged/support units to avoid being surrounded at the middle.

User Info: giocare

5 years ago#2
Nice tips. Do you know if there's any way to gain experience besides quests? I notice random battles aren't giving me any.

User Info: VallenValiant

5 years ago#3
Got my own tips here:

1. The manual already told you this, but just in case you don't read it: Do NOT end your turn/Camp on the "road". This means to not end your turn on a green hoofprint. Always, when possible, to have enough turns left to stop in the grass/forest/beach. The reason is that camping on the road = massively increased odds of being robbed. You don't want to need to have half your troops on guard duty, when they are better off doing something useful.

2. Hunting Skill is important. But not all the time; the need to preserve food can be frantic if you caught a pig and then gained extra meat in a story event, but most of the time it isn't a big deal. This means you want your doctor and Scouts to have the means to divert to food preservation at short notice. You don't need an army of Hunters; you just need one Hunter and three or four other people, preferably Doctors, Scouts and Scholars, who have a few points invested in Hunting. The idea being that you can process fresh meat quickly, but then go back to other tasks the day after.

3. In the starting map, the best place to buy Equipment is Caballeros. If you play your cards right you would get a lot of spare Medicine by mid game, and you would want to use them to trade for Equipment there.

4. Just my opinion, but I have three Scouts who are on permanent Patrol duty. And I ended up with a lot of resources. Including Equipment and Valuables. I also have literally hundreds of pieces of odds and ends to make traps and barricades.

5. You can only guard your Camp up to 95% no matter how many troops you have. And sometimes, you get stuff stolen that are above that percentage, meaning there was nothing you could do. Also, when you get your stuff stolen you lose a percentage of your total. So if you have 10000 valuables don't be surprised if you lose 1000 of them in a single theft.

User Info: epaacccc

5 years ago#4
You can use the console command givexp.

1. It's not that important. Soon you will max out on research, and at most one guy do tinkering and one do herbalism every odd turn or so. Since there are alot npc to recruit, you will have more than enough people, 2-3 hunters and 2-3 patrols every turn can give you more than enough resources on default setting. Everyone else can do guard since there is nothing better to do.

2. 2 hunters is good, they are very useful in some map, for example the defense of the fortress where you wish you had like 4 of them. But yes, most level up points should be given to hunting as the other category is useless, tinkering and herbalism will be waste of points. Remember hunters give 2 points to survival skill each so they are good in early game when rations are not infinite. Hunters deal huge amount of damage at long range if you promote them, and with high morale and the increase crit skill they critical alot. Point blank with the combination of soldier stun pretty much one turn kill everyone if the opponents get close.

4. I had 1 scout, and I get a native warrior who is good at scouting (promote him once and he will have 9 patrol) and have more than enough materials. I had 70 or so spike traps and more than 20 oils and cannonballs. Anyway for most battles, infinite use item (like the banner or the uber mind control crystal) are already more than overpowered to use without all those extra traps. IMO scouts are waste of space in battle, they are fragile melee unit.

5. You can deposit resources on your fortress to keep them from being stolen. But it doesn't matter anyway as soon all resources are pretty much infinite and you have enough equipment to maximum equip 6 people.

I think I'm going to start over and halve the resource gain.

User Info: MaxRavenclaw

5 years ago#5
So that's what the crystal skull and golden spear were for, infinite use items? I never sacrificed my men so I never actually got to use any good item. I also buried the banner thinking that using it might make the natives think I'm with the Spaniard that came before and tormented them, thus making diplomacy more difficult.


This game is so new, that there aren't any wikis or guides out there for it, so I pretty much have to figure everything out for myself.

Does anyone know who and where are all the recruitable followers? I only got 3 and know of 4.
Also, could someone list the special items and some details about them.

Thank you.

User Info: VallenValiant

5 years ago#6
I will make a new thread to list all the followers.

User Info: MaxRavenclaw

5 years ago#7

Thank you.
I found two more, but I doubt I've got the 10 that are supposed to exist, if the achievements are to be believed.

Also found a Spear that I think I got in El Dorado... although I remember giving it to the 'local god' to save my followers so I'm not sure why I still have it. Also gave up the opportunity to pick up the Crystal Skull... I'm a very moral Capitan.
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