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7 years ago#1
The beginning of the level where you're on the train, if you turn around, there is a gatling gun facing towards the back of the train. If you make your way to the back of the train, you'll notice above the door at the beginning of the last car (which you cant open), there are 3 breakable boards. Make your way back to the gatling gun, and point it at those 3 boards. You are far enough away that you can hit them, but they instantly respawn when you destroy them.

Also in the general area of the door (bottom left of the door-frame, you can hit for multiple +5's and +10's, but you will have to continuously move the cross-hair within a small area of that bottom left part of the doorframe.

If all else fails, just shoot the 3 boards located above the door, with the gatling gun. You can get +5 for every bullet shot, which can get you about 15,000xp in around 10 minutes, give or take a few(min).


Also, if you decide to leave, and continue through the level, Silas changes his story up, and you wont be able to back-track. However, later in the level, you will come thru that door (the one you can shoot at) and face a guy on the same gatling gun you were using. After you kill him, you can again, do the same thing you could at the beginning of the level. The boards are still there, and still respawn instantly on destruction.

Your welcome.
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