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User Info: worldwar24

7 years ago#1
According to PC Gamer's site Techland have announced that they've got a FOV fix in the works. Didn't say when it's due though.


User Info: SubSane

7 years ago#2
It's already been implemented.

Go here:


There are two new options:

!DisableScreenBorder() // Disable the hand-painted comic border around the edges of the screen

!ForcedHorzFov(f) // Forced horizontal field of view angle measured against 16:9 aspect ratio; 80-110 degrees, def. 82.72. Partial support only. Use at your own risk.

User Info: dee jay

dee jay
7 years ago#3
I can't open my Video file. Says its not a valid win32 file.
Ghord Dahm Sploicers

User Info: SubSane

7 years ago#4
Open a notepad file and drag the video.scr file onto the notepad page.
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