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User Info: aestevalis_0

7 years ago#1
Or will it be pretty much linear like Bound in Blood? That's what ruined BiB for me.
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User Info: BemaniAK

7 years ago#2
Linearity ruins games for you?
Stay far away from CoJ it's been ruined by modernization once already.

User Info: Azrael360

7 years ago#3
The game is divided in levels and not as one open world with missions and quests to complete. The levels are big to explore though, but it seems not by much:


User Info: SubSane

7 years ago#4
All CoJ games have been linear. To their credit, the level designers make it seem like the environments are vast and exploreable.

Though there was that one level in CoJ where you climb the mountain to get the eagle feather. I recall wandering around there for a bit.

User Info: thescotch

7 years ago#5
I haven't played much of the game but from what I can tell it's very much on the rails. You play the game as a series of memories being told by the main character. He literally tells you what is about to happen before it does. There are a lot of actual historical old west characters in the game such as Billy the Kid and Johny Ringo. I think the game is trying to be charming but the story is only decent and the shoot aspects are a little lacking by modern standards.
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User Info: giocare

7 years ago#6
It's so linear they might as well have made it a light gun arcade game.

User Info: KrazytigerEX

7 years ago#7
Open world would cost alot more to develop. This is a budget title.

For what its priced at it is an awesome title.
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