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  3. graphics-wise, nothing can touch this

User Info: PoetSaskia

6 years ago#1
I thought we wouldn't get anything that looked better than Crysis 3 this gen but this looks even better.
Gamespot's review called the technique they used "semi-cell shaded." Man it looks amazing on a big TV. I just got a big TV and a lot of games don't look as good on a big screen. but this one really shines. I want to see other games use this technique; I'd hate to see it end up as an anomily, because I really think it's going to take a while for conventional graphics to surpass this. Wouldn't you love to see more games that look like this one?

User Info: runyonave

6 years ago#2
The graphics in this game are something you would expect in a $60 game, they are amazing. It looks like something next gen, especially how you can see so far into the landscape.
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User Info: ElBorak77

6 years ago#3
i like them as well.

someone complained earlier about the grain but it makes it more detailed looking. the black borders around objects do the same. it's interesting because this technique makes ok graphics look much better.

i'm not a fan of the regular cell-shaded look but i like this kind.
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User Info: BabyLarva

6 years ago#4
I completely agree...and does anyone remember XIII from PS2/Xbox? CoJ:G reminds me of that game...Those graphics still hold up (total cel shaded) today.
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  3. graphics-wise, nothing can touch this
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