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User Info: Humanoid_Sharks

3 years ago#1
Hell is this?

I had to check the case three or four times after I played the first level just to make sure I bought a Sacred game. Wait... level? What is this insanity? I understand that the world of Sacred 2 was a bit overwhelming, but removing every single thing that made Sacred 2 such a great game is a bit foolish.

I wonder if this started out as a new IP that was randomly turned into Sacred 3 for absolutely no reason. The weirdest part is that it isn't really a bad game. It reminds me of arcade style dungeon crawlers like Gauntlet or one of the several addicting PS1 titles that relied on pure simplicity.

Therein lies the problem. This game simply isn't enough to be a full priced retail title. A bargain priced retail title? Sure, I can see that. A $20 downloadable title seems far more fitting, though. And remove that damn 3 from the title. Sacred: Insert Subtitle Here would be great and far less confusing.

Despite the lack of practically everything that made Sacred 2 such a fun game, I like this entry, but only on the most basic of levels. Was there some sort of insane rush to release this in order to compete with D3? Did [forgot developer's name] go bankrupt right after they started designing it?

I don't want to give up on Sacred. In fact, they can build on the new arcade style gameplay and actually turn it into something that separates it from the traditional dungeon crawler. I don't see the Sacred name making much of a comeback after this, though. Its the RE5 (I'd say RE4, but people like that game for some reason) syndrome. On its own, it isn't a bad game. But once you attach the name, it is nothing but a complete mess.
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User Info: tzar_666

3 years ago#2
And 5 minits on youtube could of answered youre questions
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User Info: flufffy

3 years ago#3
Add me if you want to play this game in coop, GT: Bx Cashew
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