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User Info: Hotel_Security

1 year ago#31
Remember that FF15 was originally supposed to be Vs. 13....and who knows what else was thought up that ended up in the cutting room floor.

True, but it's pretty likely that stuff turned into what became FF15. Even with it in the "same universe" Versus still was supposed to have a completely different cast.

On course, on the flip side, the game was originally going to be a Valkyrie Profile game and was retooled into the 13 universe so there's THAT...

Yeah, this is why I don't think storyline is really nailed down in most games until deep into production. It's impossible to make a sensible story with all these factors that can weigh it down. I mean, you can write in a great finale on a clock tower but if the devs can't get that clock tower working correctly in testing then, well, it's not going to be in a clock tower.
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User Info: andri_g

1 year ago#33
Artemis's Arrows is great for damage; it's even better with an upgraded long sword and Brave Thief equipped (disrupt/knock-back/stun Arcangeli, Chimera, etc.).

Martial Monk's Whirlwind Kick also is effective due to its fast attack speed and long attack chain; with perfect timing it does even greater damage.

Hotel_Security posted...
One great tactic I read was to do a normal attack then switch schemas and do an Aerora and then switch back and do an attack and alternate...this could keep me in the air to avoid his ground attacks and also was pretty good at keeping up that stagger wave.

This "skydancing" technique is most useful against Ereshkigal and Bhunivelze during their charging or defensive phases (e.g., Awakening, Genethliac Hymn; difficult to perform on Bhunivelze's 3rd and 4th forms, though, due to their regular use of chained or combo attacks).

User Info: Ahrichu

1 year ago#34
artemis arrow is the best physical stagger move, also deals 1.5 times from normal heavy slash if im correct.. basically if your HS is 12.00 x (max) it will be 18 times or even more if you do enaero vs wind element weak monsters
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