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User Info: inkubus922

9 months ago#1
...that if you wear Midnight Mauve and ride the AoV, she sits side saddle and one hands it like a badass?


Because I sure didn't.


Here we go boys, round 2. (technically 3 if we count hafiz's old topic)

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User Info: UnseenChaos

9 months ago#2
Ooh, that’s hawt. Reminds me of how Fang rode a chocobo in XIII.

@SimonBlueBerry get over here!

....Oh. He hasn’t been on since September. :(
And it’s been 4 months for hafiz now as well. This is depressing.
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User Info: andri_g

8 months ago#3
@inkubus922 , this is Lightning on AoV in Rocky Crag, camera facing the north-west corridor jump-gap leading to Jagd Village; I've seen this scene *a few times.* lol

Lightning rides side-saddle with all ballroom-style garbs, including Black Rose, Champagne Gold, Crimson Bloom, Dark Orchid, Icy White, and Violet Twilight.

Edit: All in-game garbs have Lightning holding on the the pommel of AoV's saddle with one hand.

Also, I've noticed that a few garbs have another unique characteristic--their own "battle victory" theme music.


User Info: Touya999

8 months ago#4

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User Info: UnseenChaos

8 months ago#5
andri_g posted...
Also, I've noticed that a few garbs have another unique characteristic--their own "battle victory" theme music

Oh yeah, I often used Knight of Etro just for the FFXIII-2 victory fanfare. I miss that game.
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User Info: hanzouX

8 months ago#6
I can't wait for Lighting returns: Puerto Rico

User Info: UnseenChaos

7 months ago#7
Obligatory bump. :)

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User Info: KryptoDragon

7 months ago#8
UnseenChaos posted...
Obligatory bump. :)


SHUT UP! nice lol
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