Midnight sheep glitch ?

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User Info: MoodyHoe

1 year ago#1
Did the quest and somehow the game wouldn't let me talk to the sheep to finish the quest when they all reached the breeding ground in the ruins. I tried running around (extincting two species in process),coming back other night,reloading,nothing works. Is there any way to fix this or am I screwed out of this quest in this playthrough ?
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User Info: xfyrenx

1 year ago#2
I know you need to wait a bit once all three are at the spot before the talk icon appears, but I never had your problem. You might be screwed for that mission in that playthrough.
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User Info: inkubus922

1 year ago#3
I also have never had an issue with that mission, so unfortunately I can't offer any advice.

Best I could find was this:

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User Info: MoodyHoe

1 year ago#4
Finally I've fixed it. In my case,scared sheep is the only one that's glitched so I tried luring monsters to his spot,resulting in him running away and when I dealt with monsters he returned and become interactable. The glitch was most likely due to scared sheep being unable to reach his programmed spot(he was boxed in by two other sheep)
'Anyone can speak Troll,' said Fred dismissively, 'all you have to do is point and grunt.'

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