Ultimate Lair - worth it?

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User Info: tom76b

1 year ago#1
I'm a bit sick of the game now and want to finish it... wat is the point of Ultimate Lair? I have unlocked it bt from what I read it is filled with powered up versions of monsters and you can extinct them for... and achievement? And maybe you get a few good weapons? Is that it? (I'm on Easy mode)

User Info: Lightning13

1 year ago#2
It's definitely a worthwhile investment of an hour or so of your time, if you want the best spear in the game. The lair's final boss is also really fun to fight, IMO (plus you get two trophies for defeating it).

If you couldn't care less about getting the spear, then you don't have to kill every monster in the Ultimate Lair; you'll be given the option to skip ahead up to 3 floors at a time.
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