Areonite (Hard Mode)

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User Info: Joolsy

1 year ago#1
Well it's that time... I've tried a couple of warm-ups although really only to see if bullying him down with a couple of Turbo Ethers might do the trick (no, it won't).

So now for a more measured approach...

Question; 2xCaius Swords on the Rav Schema's or Hades Fang/Bladed Lance (Stagger/Magic Maxxed)?

Question; I read somewhere that after stagger 4 he will only employ ground attacks and thus an arial attack method is ideal, but I am unsure what attacks I shoukd use to initiate/maintain an airborne attack?

Alternatively; would the Soldier of Peace/Artimis' Arrows approach to stagger 4 be preferable?

Any tips, tricks, strat's or schema's advice very much appreciated (honestly this has been the single nicest board I've come accross on gamefaqs for a long while).

Dunno if I'll succeed on this (my 2nd playthrough, first hard-mode) but I'd like to give it a good try at least. :)
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

User Info: Gaara_fan

1 year ago#2
As far damage is concerned, Miqo'te is easily the best garb to destroy Aeronite if you don't have the skill to time whirlwind kicks correctly (i.e perfect attacking to deal most damage per second). That happens because after 4th stagger it becomes vunerable to both physical and magical attacks (Be sure to inflict both deprotect AND deshell). It also happens that Magic Slash attack check both defenses for calculating it's damage. So you are, in simple terms, hitting for 4x instead of only 2x damage.

AA with SoP only while Miqo'te is regenerating ATB, aside that, don't waste time pumping overclock with AA, it will dead sub-par damage to aeronite. Also, Aeronite only use -ga spells after 4th stagger, so just keep an eye if he's casting anything, switch to your magic immune garb, back to pummel it when it's done. Finally, Magic Slash only use Light's STR, no need to pump both stats for it.
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User Info: Joolsy

1 year ago#3
Lol, sorry, just came back and I beat him.

For anyone interested...

2x Turbo Ether
3x Phoenix Down
3x X-Potion
1x EnAero Potion
1x Nektar Omega

Schema 1: Tank the Magic
Quiet Gaurdian
Chaos Revenge
Les Fleaurs Del Mal
Preta Hood+
Runic Ring
Heavy Guard (locked)

Schema 2: ATB Recharging/Hold the Fort
Chaos Revenge
Noblesse Veronique
Silk Scarf+
White Strap
Heavy Guard

Schema 3: Smack the Aeronite Up
Soldier Of Peace
Falcon Charm
Pain Dampener
Shadowblind (locked)
Heavy Guard
Heavy Slash (for Artemis Arrows, natch)

To be fair, this set-up has a fair amount of unused elements, another high ATB charging shield would have been better on Schema 3, and I didn't even use Imperil in the end either, also the Heavy Guards were pointless since Schema 1 nulifies almost all magical attacks and those it won't are all insta-KO anyway, hence the Phoenix Downs.

Okay, it's not pretty, granted and the final score was, ahem, 1... but hey, Lightning is the last one standing and that will do for now. :)
~ Ye Olde Schule ~

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