was 'death game' soul seed farming patched out?

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  3. was 'death game' soul seed farming patched out?

User Info: CloudHiro

4 years ago#1
I went in trying to farm for soul seeds, but I could not find a single one anywhere in the death game area...what gives?
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User Info: TalesoftheLulz

4 years ago#2
possibly. i did this mission yesterday but don't remember there being an abundance, if any soul seeds at all.
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User Info: shim11

4 years ago#3
I did DG today when I was farming HS and it was normal,many Soul Seeds

were you using Chronostasis?

User Info: Brakkis

4 years ago#4
Don't use Chronostasis.

I was told this when I couldn't find any and stubbornly refused to acknowledge this being the case. I was wrong. You've got to let time flow normally for Soul Seeds to spawn during the Death Game.
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User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#5
Brakkis posted...
Don't use Chronostasis.

Or do, but use it properly.

What you want to do for optimal farming is to start your first Death Game, enter Chronostasis, note the time (to the minute! It's important...) Example starter time 09:17, and defeat five rounds of enemies. Then run around and you should find 5 (6 if you're lucky) Soul Seeds. Then quit the death game and come back in (to reset the death points counter, just to be safe -- this step isn't mandatory unless you're about to win, but I do it anyway out of habit), letting time burn until an hour after you started the first run. So using my earlier example, it's now 10:17. Chronostasis again, and fight five battles. Then collect 5 (or 6, I can't explain it but sometimes there's 6) Soul Seeds, rinse and repeat. If you do it this way it will work 100% every time. If you want, you can not start the game back up immediately and fight some Schrodingers for the sake of variety. But starting the game up to replenish the Chaos is key to spawning the seeds again. But you can only respawn them once an hour.
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  3. was 'death game' soul seed farming patched out?

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