about leveling up abilities...

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User Info: DmChoudhry_

4 years ago#1
okay so i think that it takes more white abilities than yellow abilities synthesises in order to get an ability ready to level up, am i right?

so if that holds true, i should only synthesize using white abilities to maximize atb cost reduction, correct?

also, does the atb cost of guard/poison/deprotect/evade/etc. reduce via synthesis? if not, what is the point of it?

User Info: darkmaste155

4 years ago#2
An ability needs to get to a certain damage modifier to level up. The number of white or yellow abilities synthed to it doesn't matter as much as getting to the next point at which the ability is ready to level up. Ex. attack goes up by .05 every synth. (There are rare occurrences where it will go up more than one increment upon synthing. So you may sometimes get .10 a synth if you are lucky.)

ATB reduction only happens during the level up of an ability. Such as a level 1 fira is 25 atb but leveling it to level 2 will bring it to 23 atb cost. However, getting a level 2 fira from a item drop will have it at the damage of a level 2 fira but the atb cost of 25. Therefore, leveling abilities from level 1 will give you the lowest atb cost when they are maxed.

Synthing guards and debuffs does not lower atb costs. Lowering atb cost only comes from leveling up the ability. However, synthing together 2 white abilities can lead to a yellow ability. Later on synthing level 4+ abilities can lead to rare auto abilities on the ability. Such as Strong Finale on Firaga.

Any more questions? Please ask. (^_^)
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  3. about leveling up abilities...

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