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User Info: madapocket

4 years ago#11
To be fair, sarcasm is hard to detect on le internet.


Also, these kind of topics are fairly stupid. They serve no purpose. Just go on one of the bazillion sites that focus on FF news and you've got it.
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User Info: Rodrigo996

4 years ago#12
Rodrigo996 posted...
TrippyPBA posted...
Phophenomenon posted...
TrippyPBA posted...
Oh serah is confirmed to be in this game? Awesome, love me some serah

Yup everyone loves serah lightning is overrated

I'm glad the community is coming around! Perfect mix of good looks and great personality // priorities in life. I remember when XIII-2 was released she had a ton of haters on these boards

I dont hate Serah in fact i got totally on rage when she died. I just think she should have a better character development. I mean she grew up from a 5 year old asking lightning for help, to a 21 young woman decide to fight and press onward.

Excuse me, i forgot to say. "In les than 3 seconds before Noel threw a sword at her."
At least Hope had 7 chapters of development from poor child to what he became.

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#13
No news is good news?
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User Info: Rodrigo996

4 years ago#14
King_Shortt_IX posted...
No news is good news?

If it means they are hearing feedback and correcting errors before sending something, yes, it's good.

User Info: Benden_78

4 years ago#15
King_Shortt_IX posted...
No news is good news?

(message deleted)

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