*POSSIBLE SPOILERS* If you re-make Final Fantasy XIII (and/or XIII-2)...

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User Info: TheHolySummon

4 years ago#1
What would you do differently. Think of this seriously, like as if Square Enix actually has you on a team of people making up ideas to make this game better, and they are going to incorporate the groups ideas into a re-make/reboot of the XIII game (or series).

I will start with XIII-2, since that's the game I find the most problems with. First and foremost, the story element to the game *has* to be improved. We are presented with four new characters who I would consider main characters, though one is a bit less than the others. Those characters, in my own belief of importance: Caius, Yuel, Alyssa, and Proto Fal'Cie Adam.

Caius' backstory needs to be fleshed out. We got some tidbits via the fragments, but - that doesn't excuse the fact that we're presented with a man who seems to have authority over us (as game players playing Noel and Serah). Why? What does it matter if we are traveling time? Who is he really? Not to mention what is up with the whole issue between him and Yuel? It seems he was truly devoted to her, and his theme song at the very least shows great devotion to Etro, who entrusted him with her heart... So... why then is he trying to destroy the said goddess? Now, with the latter I realize that we are given some details, but my opinion is we're not given nearly enough. Why the big hush-hush over his real identity, his real name? Why did he perform a sacrificial ceremony to fuse himself with his eidolin? Just *so many* unanswered questions!

Yeul is a bit less mysterious in the fact that I get some of her story more so than I did with Caius and Alyssa. She is credited as being the first human, and her soul for some reason was given the path of being reincarnated over and over again in each age. She was able to see time, in this people counted on her to lead them and help them progress and grow. Sadly, it seems, and for some reason, Yeul's presence in some ages called forth creatures of other-worldly natures. These creatures were usually not friendly and brought with them great disaster. Still, we do not get what was put into the Fragments Before and Fragments After books, which honestly I feel for all characters involved, should have been in the game. Yes, even if it makes the game hundreds of hours long and with super-long cut-scenes that explained things! Also, Black Haze Yeul... Is that really Yeul? If it's Mwynn or connect to Mwynn, then what's the issue there? Again, questions that are frustratingly unanswered.

Alyssa is a sad character to me. I just think it would have been - as sad as it would have been - nice to have a flash back scene or two explaining what happened to the real Alyssa. Also, more explanation into her motives. Yes, some of us can see that she was conflicted due to the fact that the truth was haunting her via dreams and thoughts, and she was also trying to save herself from being relegated to a forgotten victim of the time of the Purge, but these things I feel should have been shown, explained. Also, how she came to know of Serah and Noel in the first place. Her story, for me, isn't that hard to understand, but there are vague points that I think would help get everyone on the same page.

Proto Fal'Cie Adam is another sad case for me. I honestly *HATE* Hope for what he did to the fal'Cie Eden, as he pulled a Frankenstein's Monster on her. It also makes me wonder what Barthandelus would think of what humanity done to her. I do think he'd care and be angry with humanity for it, more so than be apathetic. Last comments are digressing from the point, though. I think the connection between Adam and Eden should be made; perhaps show that some of the fal'Cie's spirit, if not all of the fal'Cie's spirit, lived on and was working to complete her own mission in life, perhaps explain that her feelings towards humanity for what they've done to her, and how all of these things conflicted her and yet drove her to do the things she did. Again, I think it's important that these parts show more of the fal'Cie character.

User Info: Clausudoisback

4 years ago#2
I will think about to play it if it's action rpg.

Turn based rpg sucks badly with a paradigm system and slow animation.

User Info: TheHolySummon

4 years ago#3
Now, for XIII:

My biggest issue would be to flesh out the storyline and characters individual storylines, as well as make the worlds larger, and more explorable.

I would like to see interaction between the fal'Cie. They are living creatures with feelings and their own wills (even if they cannot follow them), so present them as such. I think it would have been great to see some private time when it came to Galenth Dysley/Barthandelus. Where does Minrva play into all of this? What exactly is her connection to Barthandelus - is she a part of his being, or (as much as this sounds like the same thing) is their connection like a soul-mate type of thing? How did Barthdelus wake Anima up, and was there any dialogue between them? How? What was the dialogue between Barthandelus and/or Eden and/or Kujata? Is Kujata the ham of the Lindezei/Cocoon fal'Cie? Yes, I know that last part isn't an important issue at all. While I undestand the fal'Cie are in perhaps most ways alien to humanity, still - they aren't 100% if they have feelings and they obviously have desires and wants of their own. I think we should explore this!

The characters needed to be fleshed out. I really found only Vanille, Fang and Sazh to have a backstory that was acceptable. I didn't get most of the issue with the other three.

Now, I understand Hope. I didn't think he was a 'whiny baby' like others did, so it's not so much his depression I have a problem with, it's his almost automatic change that needs to be retouched and made more real. If he's as introspective as he became in the game, then show that even when he's angry. Show how his conflict is going - to me, this is not impossible in the game. I think he could have shown well how mature and intelligent he was without suddenly getting there. For me, the change was sudden.

Lightning was bland. While I love her saying "it's not a case of can or cannot, some things you just do", and agree with it, there were issues I had with other conflicts she too was having with herself and her own predicament. One day she's a loyal, talented and powerful soldier within the Guardian Core, going somewhere, the next day she throws it all away. I understand she did it for Serah, and that is fine, I have no problem with that part, it's just - I don't believe that the sudden decision and change wouldn't have caused more upset, more doubt, more anger, more sadness, more confusion, etc. She was just bland most of the time. I think we should have seen more of her past in game, instead of through Episode Zero and One.

Snow is Snow. I get his involvement, same with NORA. Still, I think it would be cool to have some of his backstory, in game. At least explain how NORA is family to him, how he's so up and up and rarely down, what got him here, and why.

Now, back to Vanille and Fang: Again, I feel the war should have been more than touched upon by name only. Give a flashback, and I don't care if it's a movie. Show what they saw when they witnessed the entire destruction of their home.

Back to the fal'Cie: More Minrva. Honestly. We should be seeing her every chapter, and probably more than once. I just think it would have been interesting. Maybe have the party see her, question her, wonder what is up with the robot owl seemingly following them, leading them, and both. Is she a fal'Cie? Maybe some interaction with the group or a member or two of the group. Also, some more interaction between the fal'Cie and the group, some talking or such. While I can't see the fal'Cie being very talkative to any human, like with Titan, I just can't see them totally ignoring them either.

Lastly the world definitely would be made larger, more explorable. I'm thinking like how XII was set up. The boredom factor with exploring and leveling up was less in XII then in XIII. I think some caves would have been a cool factor, maybe even some hidden chocobo passages, again, like in XII. Gran Pulse and Cocoon would be expanded.

User Info: Rodrigo996

4 years ago#4
Ok, belevie me or not i heve many ideas for a rebot. I am studyng to become a creative. If i mange to make a game (and I will work as hell till i do) it will be an RPG.

for you to dont get bored while reading ill make it realy short.

Now for FFXIII:

World: more open. When you need to get to some spot you should be on a map as big as the pulse open area, you must head towards a direcction, yet its not a hallway. Having multiple ways to reach it. Along with at least 1 secondary Dungon per chapter.

Towns: As you press onwards you will recive some "desgise" for each character, you can use them to enter towns undetected, yet it si smart to avoid crowded areas since you can be spoted, oce spoted multiple renforces will get to the area, you'll need to hide till the alert is dismised, the desgise u used when spotted will now be useless.

Combat, when you encounter an enemie, u will not be transportet to a battlefield area, the battle goes there, secondly to change the gameplay to the one LR is going to get.

Equipement: To have multiple outfits yet them to have no stats, to have better accessories form early game, I mean they gave you a +150 hp and that was the best you could get till chapter 9-10. To be able to have a lvl 2 wap before leaving coocon and without having to farm.

Story: Screw number 13, and make it 17 chapters, story section on pulse shoud be a lot longer.

Well got plenty of more ideas, but I wont list them all.

PD: in a rush sorry for bad grammar.

User Info: King_Shortt_IX

4 years ago#5
Get rid of Lightning and the gang, and replace them with a party the player can create.

Make it an open world game with emphasis on gameplay and exploration with a minimal story.

Scrap the whole soundtrack, and hire the guys who did FFXII to do it.

Ditch the whole current battle system and replace it with an updated FFX-2 battle system.
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User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#6
Complete new scenario. One large game. Brand new cast. Normal ending is not changing fate(fated death). NG+ is an ending that averts fate(deus ex machina).
I have always hoped for a BERSERK Final Fantasy Game to be made realized.
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User Info: TorgoForever

4 years ago#7
MagiusNecros posted...
Normal ending is not changing fate(fated death). NG+ is an ending that averts fate(deus ex machina).

Doesn't sound familiar at all. :3
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User Info: LolOkay

4 years ago#8
Same cast. Same story but with some tweaks.


The number one thing the story needs; FORESHADOWING. XIII's story is pretty tight until the ending comes, but with a little foreshadowing and explanation about Etro and it would have flowed.

The XIII team arrives in Gran Pulse and finds the Paddra ruins, but instead of just that archeapolis place (where you fight Vercingetorix) they find remnants of a city and its civilisation.

Here they find records (Fang or Vanille might be able to read it, or maybe you could bring them to Bhakti and he could translate) of Yeul, Caius, Etro and Ragnarok. This would make the ending a lot less random and also give an opening for XIII-2. The Etro and Ragnarok parts need to be emphasised outside of the datalog so Light and co. know about it.


Optional boss = Titan. You must beat Vercingetorix and his trials in order to fight him. You fight parts of him and make your way upwards. I don't care if he eats adamantoises I want to fight him. You don't actually kill him though, you just best him and then you can get some great gear. You can fight him as much as you like.

Also minigames. When the crew trek through Palumpolum they find a blank id card that allows access to a game hub through the save point machine. Now as the crew go through cities like Palumpolum, Eden, Bodhum (I know it's a flashback but this is for gameplay's sake) they find minigame programs (in Bodhum you can talk to the people and they could give you one) that allow you to unlock minigames in the game hub. You'll get a lot of minigames at Nautilus. And some hunts will award you with minigames. When you beat Orphan all findable mini games can be bought so you can't miss any, but hunt specific ones aren't for sale.

Through minigames you can get points that allow you to buy unique/non-unique gear.
You can access the game hub whenever as long as you're at a save point. These minigames will be fun and don't necessarily relate to the story/world of XIII, they can even reference other FF's like a blitzball inspired minigame. (Did I say minigames enough?)

User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#9
It would be a completely different game with zero connection to FFXIII.

User Info: dils-d

4 years ago#10
The team meets up with other l'Cie/l'Cie sympathizers/NORA, and together they start their own small army to overthrow fal'Cie rule and the Sanctum.

The player can now train any number of temporarily playable characters into fighting-shape by forming troops and defeating enemies. S/he will also help develop the hideout into a small city by constructing buildings and performing sidequests for NPCs. The town will regularly be attacked by monsters, and one can either let the guards take care of them for no drops or kill them yourself.

At the end the team kills Bart, gets freed from their brands and lives happily ever after. Serah leaves Snow because he is a fool.
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