Final Fantasy XIII: Deleted Scenes

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User Info: DaGreatOnelol

5 years ago#21
Mmm I kinda see why they decided to delete some stuff. Thanks TC
"Damn right and I'll do it again. I am right so I gotz to win" - DMX

User Info: hyro56

5 years ago#22
Bump for tears.

Thanks for sharing, TC.
Please feel free to correct me on my grammar and/or spelling. I appreciate your help.

User Info: _Dim_

5 years ago#23
Second page:

The 12th Day Rosch’s Streetside Exposition----Bodhum.

Scene Setting

The city of Bodhum. Military fighting machines and airbikes fly through the skies. Crowds gather to hear about the barricading of Bodhum and to find out more information.

Scene: 1

Serah had just exposed the truth about her being a l’Cie and had dashed out of the house. Now Light is searching for her. Light looks up at the airbikes in the sky.

Light: Damn it. Damn it!

Scene: 2

Two military vehicles stop near where Light is standing. Light is walking through the crowds. Rosch from PSICOM is making announcements to the crowds of people. He is trying to suppress their panic. He has a very businesslike manner.

Scene: 3

Citizen A: All you have to do is destroy it, right!?

(People talking)

Rosch: Of course that is our plan, but cleaning up this fal’Cie problem isn’t the only one we have. We must take countermeasures.

Citizen B: What do you mean by that!?

(People talking)

Scene: 4

Rosch: Soon The Sanctum will be making an announcement. It is very important for the protection of Cocoon, and I hope that you all will cooperate.

One of Rosch’s subordinates comes up and whispers in his ear. Rosch nods towards the crowd and takes his leave.

Citizen C: But when will you lift the barricade on the station?

(People talking) I want to go home!

Citizen A: Why won’t you tell us what’s going on?

As Rosch leaves the TV that stands above the street began broadcasting. Light looks up at the TV.

Scene: 5

Primarch Dysley: Citizens of Cocoon. Since The War of Transgression our beloved world has been fending off an invasion from Pulse. Even now, we must take a stand and make any sacrifice to protect Cocoon. For the sake of safety and peace, we of The Sanctum have come to a very difficult decision. We will now commence with the Purge.

At the word Purge, all the people begin speaking. They do not yet know what the Purge entails.


The other pages were not translated.
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