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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#11
pg 36

"So we can clearly see what's in the other's head. Not sure if that's beneficial or detrimental."

She narrowly dodged Odin's counterattack by a paper-thin margin and gave a wry smile. She thought that it was good that there were no other people here. She could sort of handle understanding the thoughts of an Eidolon, but she thought that it'd be uncomfortable if she fought another human because they would completely understand each other. She had given this thought, and then suddenly thought: Was the rule "the weak serve the strong" brought into existence because fighting is the only way to communicate in Valhalla?" To judge who's the strongest, you have to fight as soon as you meet. If you fight, you both can learn many things in an instant. Or, it could be the opposite. The Goddess could have established this rule beforehand and thought that there was no meaning in making them just fight so she made fights in Valhalla tantamount to conversation. Nothing happened when I met the moogle because a forehead poke isn't really considered much of a fight. Or maybe it's just preferred by those who can communicate with words? No, maybe fighting to communicate is only limited Odin's species.

Her ever-flowing deluge of thoughts was once again cut short. Odin blocked Lightning's attack with his sword. Maybe it was because it was proportionate to the impact, or just chance, but this time she felt much more information. She learned that not only Odin existed in Valhalla but Shiva and Hecatoncheir among other Eidolons were here as well. Furthermore, "on the other side" where l'Cie become extremely agitated or despair, their lamentations are sent to the Goddess. The Goddess opens a gate in correspondence to their desires and dispatches an Eidolon. It is never to put a l'Cie out of his/her misery; it was to aid them. In the viewpoint of the Goddess, it was pure good intention and favor. It appears the Goddess isn't privy to the stress l'Cie endure to bend the Eidolons to their will. Or, maybe she does and so she's sending them anyway? So as to say, "If you are a l'Cie, overcome this tribulation." As a matter of fact, the self-confidence that Lightning had acquired Odin was supporting her currently. She had won once, so she would not lose this time although she had had friends by her side at that time, she was alone now. When she came to, the fight was over. The silver knight that lay before her eyes was hanging his head while on bent knee. She gently felt his thought: "Yes." (The word used here means compliance or agreement) She had once again acquired the capability to use Odin.

"I know about Valhalla and Etro. I just want to know how to return home. To the world in which my family and friends are waiting."

Odin nodded showing that he understood already. It was true. Just as Lightning had gained information from Odin, Odin had taken in Lightning's memories and thoughts. Suddenly, Odin's features began to tremble and the silver knight turned into a brilliant white steed and stood beside Lightning.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#12

She felt a soundless rumbling. Her field of vision swayed. It was just like sunlight reflecting on a surface of water. undulating unsteadily bit by bit. There was a presence of something dashing. But it was frustratingly slow. She felt that something was running at full speed but something was interfering. "Then we'll just have to get closer," Lightning ordered as she found her self surprised. Her normal bodily motions like bending her upper body or moving her arms were slow. The atmosphere was like being immersed in goo, like floundering at the bottom of a deep body of water. A figure appeared in her swaying field of vision. It pierced through the glutinous atmosphere and was running toward her. Lightning spontaneously opened her eyes.


It was Odin. She was not surprised per se. She knew that there were several Odin's in Valhalla. What surprised her was the person riding Odin. It was a person dressed in old armor that would be present in fairy tales and they were brandishing their sword, fighting with something. She did not know what with which the person was fighting. But she knew for sure that there was a target at which that those lightning spells were aimed.

"That's... me!?"

It wasn't that their features were the same. She just felt that way. She somehow knew that it was herself.

"Then that Odin is-!? Is that you?"

So she asked but Odin did not answer. The voice with which she asked was very different from her voice a second again. Her voice seemed to echo with many layers like she was in a cave.

"Can you hear my voice?"

He replied with a puzzled face that seemed to be saying "What do you mean 'me'?" It seemed that his reply was late because he was trying to decipher her question.

"It looks just like you."

Even in the moment in which she was perplexed the range between her and her other self was slowly being shortened. They were both riding an Odin dashing at full speed. They were both so close that they would have passed each other any second, but everything was painfully slow. Her gaze collided with her other self's. A light smile spread across the other Lightning's face.

"Go to the Goddesses throne. All of the answers are there."

The other Lightning informed her as she slipped by. Then Lightning remembered. Of course, all of the answers were in the Goddess' throne.

"What did I just-?"

What did I just remember? The Goddess' throne? In the shrine? That's certainly the place I'm headed to now. I haven't even gotten there yet. But, what did I just remember?

"Stop Odin!"

She looked when she turned around but the Odin that her other self was riding on was already far away. Before long, they faded away as if they continued to pursue something. No matter how much she stared, she could no longer see anything.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#13
pg 42
Coming to, Lightning noticed that everything returned back to normal. She did not feel a trembling in the world around her and when she lifted up her arm, it moved without the slightest hint of resistance.

"Alright then. Head to the shrine, Odin."

"What was that just now?"

Odin turned toward the shrine and set out into a dash. Just like nothing had ever happened. Maybe that was true from Odin's point of view. He didn't see anything, nor did he feel anything. She did not guess what would happen from this point on; she remembered it. She could not say that feeling was anything different.

"Memories of the future?"

That explanation seemed fitting. She remembered the events that would happen from this point, the moment she had met her future self. Of course, that was her future self, the self from beyond the current point in which she stood. But, why did she encounter such a thing? She could see herself and it was not like the staring was unrequited. (?) Furthermore, she spoke to her... her future self spoke to her. Of course, this would be impossible when thinking conventionally. But what if this place was that kind of place (an unconventional place*)? What had she experienced after her awakening at the beach? She met a moogle, which had been a fictional creature up until now. She had talked to Odin, who she thought could not speak. It's hard to say that those events were common. Furthermore, she had shared memories and thoughts by fighting. She had experienced many impossibilities.

Maybe this was a place in which impossible things occur all the time. Maybe that was what Valhalla was. "Sounds about right," thought Lightning. However, she was still caught on something. Between the world in which she lived, dubbed the "Other Side" by the Eidolons, and here, Valhalla, what was different? Looking back on each one of the things that happened, she came up with an applicable word: Time.

She had walked at the shore without even the slightest hint of fatigue no matter how long she walked. She had also felt a disturbance in her physical perception of time. And, the memories of the future, Failure of the general notion of "time" brought all of this into existence. From where did the moogle say he came to Valhalla? It was the "Void Beyond." Does that mean the place between the realm that possesses a general concept of time, the "Other Side" and the place that lacks a general concept of time, Valhalla?

"Makes sense, I guess."

After she whispered she realized how comical it was. This place goes against all convention, so what would trying to make sense of anything accomplish? No, she had to do something like this to keep her wits about her and not become afraid. The fact that she had already lost her wits was a much more simpler and explainable interpretation than going on about general notions of time.


It seems like she was making a severe face. The moogle came and peered at her with a worried expression.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#14
pg 44

"It's nothing. I'm fine."

That's right, the moogle said he felt a strange presence when they had met the future Lightning and Odin. Although he could not see them, he sensed them. If so, then that was not an illusion. Then the question still remains: why could Odin not see it? Lightning thought she would not wrack her brain at present.

"That doesn't matter right now. Right now, I have things to do up ahead."

Lightning's approach to the shrine was imminent. The shrine that looked like ruins from far away looked like ruins up close, as one could surmise. But for some reason, there was a clock tower on the shrine. It was a warped clock tower that appeared as if it would fall any second. Why was such a thing here? There was nothing this ill-matched in this world where there was no general notion of time. When she stepped into the shrine she felt that the shrine was dense with monsters; however, none came to attack.

"Are all the monsters here your subordinates as well?"

Odin, who had returned to his knight form, slowly shook his head from side to side. It seems like another entity governs these monsters, unlike the monsters outside of the shrine. Odin did not divulge anything else, but Lightning guessed that they were directly under the Goddess' control. At any rate, she would know when she met the Goddess.

She did not have to ask where the throne was, for she already knew. Just like when she had a face-to-face encounter with herself, she remembered where its location as soon as she stepped foot inside of the shrine. She may have to enter this place a number of times in the near future. Her feet moved as if she walked this path many a time. Before long, the felt a presence that differed from that of the monsters'. It was the Goddess Etro.
It was different from any sensation that she knew. Even though it was called a "god" there was no feeling of intimidation or even sublimity; there was just a feeling that an inhuman entity was smiling. It felt like there was a presence to the smiling. Lightning confirmed that Etro lay ahead. Odin unexpectedly stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"Even though you are allowed in this place, I am not," Odin replied and subsequently knelt where he stood. The moogle's behavior indicated that he wished to go with Lightning but he gave up as soon as Odin flashed a glare in his direction. He hung his head to signify that he understood. Doubt flashed through Lightning's mind: Of course the moogle wouldn't be allowed in but is a person from the "Other Side" allowed to enter a place where even Odin isn't allowed?" She decided to ignore it. She would not stand back even if someone told her to. She only had one option anyway.

All of the answers lie withing the throne. "I have to confirm that." They were words spoken by none other than herself. While thinking this, Lightning stepped forward.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#15
pg 46

Suddenly, her surroundings turned black. She looked over her shoulder, but she could not make out Odin or the moogle's forms. However, there was no trembling. As soon as one realizes that Valhalla is "that kind of place" one stops being surprised at every little thing. She slowly advanced forward. Before long, she could see a faint light. It was a weak light that seemed as if it was going to disappear any moment. Regardless, she could feel an extravagant power. There was a mighty entity slumbering who's power was incalculable to any human.

"Is this... the Goddess?"

Lightning outstretched her hand to the light. A pure white fissure ran across the darkness. No, it was not a fissure. A gargantuan monster was blocking her path. It was Bahamut. However, this one was different from Fang's in that it was a dazzling white. She could feel that it was hostile. There was a feeling of intimidation here that was not present even an iota when Lightning could feel Etro's presence.

"Etro's guardian, huh? I just came to meet with the Goddess. I don't intend to do her any harm. Can you let me through there?"

A piercing refusal of "No" came from Bahamut.

"You're telling me to fight?"

A terse "Yes" resounded within her mind.

"Okay. I'll abide by the rules of Valhalla."

Maybe this Bahamut knew all of the answers. One understand his/her opponent when at war. Given that this was an Eidolon that guarded Etro's throne, it must know more than any other monster in Valhalla.

She cut at it with all of her might while conveying the idea "I'm not hostile or murderous." But, Bahamut evaded her attack with no effort. It was faster than she thought. She hurled magic while attacking, but was unable to catch her opponent. She remembered at that moment. She remembered herself when confronting the black Bahamut and how close of a match it was. Not Fang's Bahamut. It was a jet-black Bahamut enveloped in an ominous presence. Memories of the future.

She was just fighting Bahamut but there was another opponent she was trying to defeat. She saw herself in frantically trying to defeat "that man." That was as far as the memory went and she could not remember who "that man" was.

The magic in front of her was rended open and she reflexively jumped out of the way, so she did not suffer any damage. She kept telling herself not to think of unnecessary matters. Even though she had no choice because she remembered even when she didn't want to. She tried cutting at it a second and a third time but her blade missed each time. She felt that she was being rejected. She realized that evasive actions were synonymous with rejection of understanding.

"I see. Guess you can't afford to recklessly leak information when you're the guardian of the throne, huh?

She let out a flurry of lightning attacks. She knew that they would be evaded, but it continued to evade her she could predict where it would move next or where it would evade. One's habits and weak points are brought to light when doing the same thing in short intervals.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#16
pg 48


She knew it would not do if she was only one step ahead so she was to steps ahead of Bahamut. It seemed as if Bahamut had been drawn into her blade's tip. But, there was no reaction. In the instant she thought that she caught Bahamut, it took off into the sky. Lightning dumbfoundedly looked up at the soaring Bahamut. She knew how adept Bahamut was at flying, however she was convinced that they were both inside of the shrine so she determined that it could not evade. She was too hasty. She should have kept this possibility in mind when the moogle and Odin, both who should have been right behind her, disappeared. They were in the shrine but at the same time not in the shrine. Bahamut, who had been circling above Lightning as if to ridicule her, made a sudden descent. She would be in danger if she was hit directly by that attack. She knew guarding it would be impossible. She managed to barely evade the attack but she couldn't stop the force and her body rolled clumsily.

Bahamut, who had risen in the air once again, bent its upper body backwards, an omen of a strong magic attack. This was similar to Fang's Bahamut. At that moment she began to cast a defensive spell. She had always left defense and support to Hope so she had not a shred of self-confidence, but it seemed to do the trick. Intense magic came falling from the sky. To Lightning, who had no wings no matter how much magic she used, this was an overwhelmingly inconvenient state of affairs. It took all she had to run and this was no time for counter attacks. Fainthearted thoughts flitted through her mind, "If only I could just ride Odin. If I at least had a single person to help me at this moment." As long as Bahamut was in the air, attacking would be difficult. If she would launch a counter attack it would have to be when it rose into the sky again post-descent. It would be for only a second but Bahamut would be open to attack. Lightning awaited her chance to attack while dodging the rain of magic. As if irritated by the fact that none of its magic was hitting at all, Bahamut head toward Lightning in a straight line.

"That's right. Come."

At the last moment, after feigning to run away, she went in. This time there was a response. At the same time, there was something burning inside her brain. She had defeated the jet-black Bahamut and there was the form of a subdued man. Were there two Bahamuts that guarded the throne? In the next instant. there was an impact to her right side. Her only weapon had been deflected and slipped into the darkness. "No way," Lightning thought "I can't lose here. If I do, how would I have been able to tell myself to 'go to the Goddess' throne'? But how will I fight when I have no weapon?" Bahamut was obviously better at magic than she was; in other words, Bahamut was not an opponent that she would be able to defeat by just relying on magic. "I'm done for at this rate." As soon as I run out of energy to run it'll be over." Lightning tried to escape while bearing these despairing thoughts.


A tiny light came flying in.

"Use me, kupo!"

His round, stuffed-animal-like body changed form. It was a bow. Lightning grabbed it without hesitation.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#17
Just a friendly reminder since I'm waiting for the post limit to stop finagling my efforts, these translations are all thanks to Hakurou.

pg 50

It looked like a sturdy bow, but when held it was as light as the moogle's body. She nocked an arrow, pointed toward the sky and pulled all the way back on the string. Maybe it was mog's power but it was easy to establish a target. The bow instantly flew through the air set on its target. Shortly after, the arrow split into numerous arrows and rained onto Bahamut. Bahamut's form grew ever more white and the light expelled the darkness. Lightning heard an "Okay" resound in her mind. Lightning let out a huge breath. As if waiting for that, the bow that she held returned back to its moogle form.

"Thanks. You saved me."

She smiled and the decoration on the moogle's head shook back and forth.

"My pom-pom told me that you were in trouble, kupo."

The decoration on the moogle's head, or pom-pom, appears to be some sort of antenna. That's right, when he sensed a strong one, the pom-pom was shining, Lightning felt. When he turned into a bow, it was probably the pom-pom's searching ability that was working to make it instantly lock-on to its target.

"Odin made a scary face, but I felt that I just had to go, kupo. I'm fine with breaking the rules for Lightning-san's sake, kupo!"

She felt her mouth soften when she said "I see." She didn't think she'd be saved when in dire straits by a little creature that she just happened to pick up. She thought that this too had been fated for her. It was just like when Hope, who she deemed a hindrance, changed into a reassuring ally.

She looked around her again and the throne lay right in front of her. It was an empty throne with no one sitting in it. Bahamut protected the throne by enveloping it in darkness.

"I'm fine now. Wait here."

She left the moogle where he was and headed toward the empty throne. The Goddess is here, even though she cannot be seen. Just like bugs who hug the ground cannot see humans, the Goddess cannot be seen by feeble humans. Maybe this thing she recognizes as a throne could possess another form (?). Because, not only one's perception of time but his/her five senses are inaccurate and unreliable.

"Even so. the Goddess is here..."

She felt that she was being beckoned. She felt that Etro was not rejecting her. She had many doubts about whether she could manage to converse with a god but she stepped forward anyway. She outstretched her hand without noticing it. She wanted to touch her hand. She wanted to touch that warm and gentle hand. Her fingertips reached. She felt as if she was getting pulled in. She spontaneously opened her eyes. However, what lay in front of her eyes was no longer the world she had been seeing. These are the Goddess' Eyes. "I'm seeing what the Goddess is seeing..."

In that instant she understood why time was broken in Valhalla and why her five senses were so vague: it was because the Goddess had no use for time or senses. Because she was a human, Lightning could barely differentiate the future or the past, but
the Goddess is probably not differentiating them. She was seeing and hearing everything at the same time. Conversely, the Goddess was just seeing as if it was an accepted routine and felt that there were things that she would never comprehend.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#18
pg 52
(This parts a little weird to me)

Something like that. Maybe that was the beginning? It was certain that she was seeing it, but she could not interpret it clearly (or "The things that she could not interpret but could see." This part's weird). She knew of its existence. But this did not go with the real image. Yes, the form of the ancient god who created the Fal'Cie Etro.*
*(Sorry but I couldn't really understand this part. There are probably mistakes within the transation)

Possibly because of her memories conforming with those of Etro's, a name she did not know popped into Lightning's mind. The Paternal God (Creator?) Bhunivelze. The one name that Etro called.

Bhunivelze divided his power and created the Fal'Cie Lindzei and Fal'Cie Pulse. Etro just looked on as power, which she didn't not have, was given to Lindzei and Pulse and she saw them, in the same manner as the Paternal God, divide their power and give life to many Fal'Cie. Etro did not know why she had been shunned by Bhunivelze. Why weren't the things given to Pulse and Lindzei given to her as well? She just looked on without cursing them or envying them. Of course... Fal'Cie are different than humans; Fal'Cie do not have emotions. Etro did not understand: Why did humans naturally feel indignation or suffered feelings like alienation or isolation. Etro, who did nothing but serve as a spectator, tried to imitate their birthing of Fal'Cie by harming her own body. She thought, just as their power took on another form and became a new l'Cie, her blood would possibly give birth to something. She felt that maybe if she could bring life to something she could catch Bhunivelze's attention. Maybe if she could do the same thing as them, things would change. Even when Bhunivelze went to sleep and made his form unseen, Etro did not stop harming herself.

If Etro was human, she would have emotions, and would be able to attribute names to them thus comprehend what she was doing. Alas, she did not comprehend what she was doing or what she wanted to do.

"I see. That was it, huh? You were just lonely... You wanted him to look at you, just like he paid attention to Pusle and Lindzei. I, seeing the same things as you, am sad to the point where it feels like its cutting my body. My chest aches like it's being torn to shreds. You, an entity higher than humans, did not understand that. If you were a human it'd be so easy to understand. Etro, what you wanted to shed was not blood, but tears. What you should have done was not harm youself but pursue the Paternal God/Creator and cry like a child..."

Etro, bleeding out, died without knowing this. Leaving only her blood, Etro arrived at Valhalla, a place that she could never have seen from the place in which she was. At Valhalla Etro met the Goddess Mwynn. The Goddess Mynn who was Bhunivelze's mother was on the verge of disappearing by being consumed into chaos. Before Etro could comprehend the meaning of this chance meeting, Mynn was annihilated.

But Lightning understood then, why Bhunivelze had neglected Etro.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#19
pg 54

Etro was the spitting image of Mwynn. She could not see the Goddess' face; however, she understood: Bhunivelze hated Etro, who had the same form as his mother. Abandoned by Mwynn, Etro was alone in Valhalla as well. She could not comprehend that she was alone. No one was there to think of her or talk to her.

Once, a small thing came to Valhalla; an unknown thing from the world where Etro had lived previously. It was the first human, whom Lindze made from the blood that Etro left behind: a petite girl of silver hair and purple eyes. Just as Bhunivelze had unconsciously created a Fal'Cie who resembled his mother, Lindzei too created the first human who was akin to a goddess (the goddess?). She had soon after died and her body rotted; only her soul and spirit (spirit meaning things like emotions, intellect, will etc) had reached Valhalla. Her spirit had fallen, becoming unstuck from her soul and scattered, leaving only her soul. Etro loved that little soul. This soul was the first entity in Valhalla that drove away her feeling of loneliness. Before long, more little things came. These were the humans that Lindzei was creating. But, they were engulfed by Valhalla's chaos and disappeared, leaving no soul or spirit. Only the first girl's soul continued to wander throughout Valhalla without ever disappearing; the only soul that differed from the others. An entity that could do naught but wander around Valhalla. As if seeing herself in this soul, Etro pitied the girl's soul and returned her to the world from whence she came saying "return to the others."

Etro felt deep affection for the souls that disappeared following their arrival. Just as humans admire flowers, just as they enjoy gazing at butterflies flutter between flowers while listening to the songs of little birds, Etro cherished these little things (the verb used here denotes loving or cherishing things that one deems lower than himself/herself). She blessed the first little thing, the girl, freely. Her soul was born again, inhabiting a new body with a new spirit. And like other humans she would return to Valhalla upon the end of her short life. But she, who was the first human, was incomplete, as one would expect, and her pure (?) soul was left behind in Valhalla. Etro returned her to the world in which she previously lived and she began her third life.

As if she was not compatible with the chaos of Valhalla, no matter how many times she was born again, no matter how many times she died, she would not dissolve into Chaos, being left behind. Etro tried a great many times to return the girl to the others. She believed without a doubt that living among her friends/comrades would be something joyous for that soul. Etro would not suspect that there would be someone who would loathe this endless rebirth. She also did not expect that this girl she had favored would be the spark for war among humans. This girl, who had unexpectedly received a vantage point that exceeded time (the ability to see the future, I guess), was called a seeress and she was always in the center of war. No matter how many times she was reborn, people would always be at war around her and she would always encounter hatred. Her words spurred them onward. There were always people who used her even though they did not necessarily hate her. People killed each other and much blood flowed. She lamented this and lived her life away from the public. The good will that Etro, who did not understand sadness or loneliness, showed her compelled her to grieve and isolate herself. Etro did not understand this. She could not understand this.
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User Info: lamerhater

5 years ago#20
pg 56

For she was not human; that was the sole reason. The girl lived in the midst of sadness and isolation, and died. For she was human; that was the sole reason. Before long, time passed in the world of humans. There was a person that protected her in exchange for his life. The Goddess Etro gave him her heart, so that he may live with her forever. His name was...

"That guy! I remember. The guy with the Bahamut other than the one that guards the throne, the black Bahamut. Caius Ballad."

"Was that the guy I was fighting with? The person that I was fighting a bitter battle with. The person I was trying ever so desperately to defeat."

After Caius received Etro's heart, many moons had passed. He had waited upon many Yeuls while they were on their deathbed. So many people died, so many that he could not count. Countless souls went on their way to Etro and disappeared. Many lives were lost in the war dubbed the "War of Transgression." Many lives were on the verge of death by the hand of the Fal'Cie Barthandelus.

"That's... all me. My sin. At the hanged edge, and the Pulsian ruins, I killed PSICOM soldiers. It was easy to say that it was all to protect myself. As a matter of fact, I was desperate. They were ready and willing, pointing their guns at us. We had no choice but to counterattack in earnest as well."

However, when looking at this from the viewpoint of the Goddess, this matter seemed nothing but trivial. Etro did not make individual distinctions for people. Each soul was the same "little thing" and held the same value. Each was a life that had the right to live on the "Other Side" with its comrades for as long as it possibly could. No matter the reason for such matters, a sin is a sin. Killing people, such is a sin that one should never commit.

She heard the voices of those on the verge of death. The voices that Etro was probably hearing. The screams saying such things as "I don't want to die" and "I'm scared." On the other hand, there many in the ranks of the PSICOM soldiers who accepted death passively. They had gone to their death, resigned to the fact that they had to protect Cocoon. Those voices were very quiet.

"I took their lives."

From the Goddess viewpoint, where one can see all things in the sweep of an eye, it seemed that their lives were tangible. There were those that had a blessed life, and those that led a life that would be hard to call a happy existence. Although their pasts were different, each life held the same value. It felt as if one cast off the eyes of a lowly human and was gazing at a countless number of lives.

"I took their lives just because I didn't want to die. I felt that it was a sin, but I deluded myself, saying I had no choice. I had selfishly decided the weight of life and selfishly convinced myself of it. I didn't even stop to think that their lives were sacrificed for mine. It was all me... so sinful and arrogant."

Regardless, Etro granted Lightning's wish. To aid Vanille and Fang, and make Lightning and the others' brands disappear. Granting salvation to the l'Cie who bore much sin.*

*Missing pages 58 and 59 so this line was based off of inference.
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