The most beautiful scene in a final fantasy game?

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  3. The most beautiful scene in a final fantasy game?

User Info: justdontask

5 years ago#111
iunno... "Sugar and Rainbows" comes to mind... thats one of the most touching scenes in the game...

but favorite scenes from FF games, i have a big list of good ones... Gilgamesh and his grand entrance in 12....... most scenes in 12, because of Balthier... "that's what i said" "listen thief, er, Vaan" "i said you stink, hamshanks"... i could go on...
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User Info: Infinity_Dragon

5 years ago#112
I'll be weird and say the rocket scene in FFVII.

I find that scene resonates much more strongly almost 15 years later because it's about finally realizing a dream you had when you were younger. Doesn't mean much when you're a kid playing FFVII for the first time, but now it's really touching. Plus it's just cool. Everybody loves space.
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User Info: Storm_Walker

5 years ago#113
Opera "scene", FF6
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User Info: EscaSyra

5 years ago#115
*Spoilers for V and VII*

Galuf's and Aerith's deaths.

Galuf's because he tried so hard but in the end his sacrifice was for nothing. It was touching to see Bartz, Faris, and Lenna trying to heal him.

Aerith's because of how sudden and unexpected it was. Cloud's reaction seemed real. I played through that section multiple times with different characters in the party to see all their reactions. Vincent's was classic.
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User Info: EpsteinBarr

5 years ago#117
Cloud's reaction seemed real.

He was just a puppet.

User Info: OpheliaAdenade

5 years ago#118
Norken posted...
ChicagoTed_ posted...
TorgoForever posted...
Tie: FFVI Opera and Celes' suicide attempt

Came in to post this. Glad someone else beat me to it. :)

Also, FFX ending.

Celes does not get enough recognition. If LIghtning was half the character Celes is she would actually be a decent main character.

come on now. :o there is no need to tear down characters to build other ones up. In fact, Celes and Lightning have a lot in common. o.o

User Info: The_Limit

5 years ago#119
Tifa And Cloud Under The Highwind.
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User Info: Ftpkorn

5 years ago#120

The most beautiful cutscene evar.
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