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Garetjax333 8 years ago#1
I captured Nugget. He is level 99, has amazing defense, and 999 magic points. However, he only has three hit points which is okay, but he has no strength. Also, with all that magic power, he doesn't have any abilities or spells and only 1 intelligence. Did anyone capture this monster, and if so, did you find any use from it?
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Gothann 8 years ago#2
I actually came across a Nugget that started its first turn by casting a meteor-like attack on my party, but sucked so much at it that it did about 400 damage per member. I captured that one, but didn't go to see if it had that skill in its list after the fact.

Anyway, Nugget is pretty much a joke monster. It has crazy evasion when you encounter it and can wipe you out if you're not careful/don't heal enough before fighting it.
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