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User Info: Grevick

5 years ago#1
Hi guys, I have a problem. Since the last update ( v 0.24.2 or something) with contracts and stuff I have this mission about rescuing Bobfal Kerman from Kerbin orbit, but since I can't control that guy, I can't get him onboard the rescue spacecraft. And the claw doesn't seem to grab him. What the hell should I do? Is it bugged or something?

User Info: TitanStrike

5 years ago#2
You need to get quite close to him (2.5 kilometers I think) then you can switch to him with [ or ] and get him in your spacecraft.
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User Info: Kinkajou

5 years ago#3
That's something you should record and probably ask on reddit, the devs check in there from time to time.
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User Info: Pirwzwhomper

5 years ago#4
Once you're really really close to him, use the [ and ] buttons to switch control to him.

Maybe if the game bugs and doesn't allow control you can try quicksaving and then loading the quicksave and see if that fixes it?
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