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User Info: TribalXD

7 years ago#1
I have never heard of this game until a few days ago. I saw some trailers and I thought it would be like Mirrors Edge but with a tractor beam. Think Just Cause 2 but the grappling hook is a beam instead of a cable or the hook shot in the Zelda series.

I have played for a few hours, haven't beaten it but would like to say how I think about the game.

The first few levels are interesting. It gives you a nice little tutorial on how to move like jumping, charge jumping, and long jump. The speed of the game can be divided into a few parts:

The fast part which is you have to go from point A to point B by jumping and by grappling hook. It would be simple if there was a large patch of ground or safety net but really you are just hopping from one floating rock to another. The feeling of danger comes from running out of grappling hook shots. You get three shots once you leave the ground and the three shots recharge upon landing. You also get one charge of rocket boots that propel you in the direction that you are facing.

There is a sense of speed...sort of. You see, there isn't a lot of "ground" or landmarks to judge how fast you are going later on in the game. Its pretty much the camera and floating rocks slowly getting closer to you. The only way you can "feel" the speed is if you turn on motion blur. From what I know, it only gives you a few lines on the screen to give you a visual of movement. It's not that great to "feel" the speed.

BUT on a positive note, the atmosphere of the fast part of the game in amazing. The detail given to the bottomless caves and the sky world makes you wish there really was a place like that on earth.

Then there is the medium pace part of the game. You need to take your time to see where the next grappling hook shot marker is. Rushing and just long jumping without knowing the next hook shot marker will get you killed. Good thing that this part of the game and the fast part blend together. Still, it disturbs the fast action part of the game.

The slow part of the game is mostly in the beginning and "cut scenes". During these scenes, NPCs talk. You can still move around but you walk and can't use your hook shot. So getting from one place to another during the down time can take a while, relatively. After zooming from one asteroid to another, I get very impatient JUST walking from one room to another or from one side of an asteroid to another.

I like the game. It'll kill some time while I wait for Mirror's Edge 2. It's not the same but I think I'm liking this first person platformer genre of games. I think there would be more sense of speed if it had swinging rope physics instead of hook shot physics but whatever.

Gameplay - 9/10
There are some parts that need very fast reactions and aiming needed in like in games similar to call of duty. I do not have good aim so the game gets frustrating when I'm free falling and I need to shoot a hook shot refill crystal then a hook shot marker on the ceiling of a cave.

Visuals - 10/10
Looks very pretty.

Controls - 9/10
Could be better. Parts of the game require you to look up and shoot multiple targets on the ceiling. And when you look up and move the mouse to the right, your screen rotates to the right and doesn't move the reticule to the right. That has killed me a few times. I think its more level planning and testing than controls though.

Music - 10/10
Captures the atmosphere. Its calm when it needs to be and scary when it needs to be.

Sound - 10/10
Sounds good. What else can I say?

Replay - ??/10
I haven't beaten the game so I don't know. There are collectibles that I will definitely go back for and there is a time trial mode. I'm already thinking of how to go faster.

Overall - 9/10
Good game. Worth it.
If you were a booger I would pick you first ;)
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