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User Info: Fujinicole88

6 years ago#1
okay so me and my husband have spent all night trying to get his game 100% done and the platinum, but for some reason he did not get the trophy fashionista. I know for sure that he got all of the camo that the ps3trophies website guide lists. but then I was looking to make absolutely certain, and it lists two Choco Chip camos? anybody know if there is in fact two of them, as this is the only reason I can see for him not getting this trophy.. Please help us out if anyone knows a reason as to why he didn't get this one trophy.

Thanks in advance.
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6 years ago#2
Not that I'm aware of. Though my guide came from YouTube walkthroughs. Can you list all the ones you currently have on you because I got my trophy yesterday: I got all Bosses' camo (The Boss was hardest. LOL) and all special area camos
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User Info: lalelulelosop

6 years ago#3
you need the face camo as well
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