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User Info: DarkZenRitual

6 years ago#1
So theyre alone in the jungle and Eva can barely stand and he starts taking pictures of her and she doesnt like it one bit... lol, hilarious.

MGS3 is one of the best games ive ever played.

memorable characters, cut scenes, the soundtrack, the story, everything. Im glad i gave it a chance, theres alot of emotion in this, i want the ending to leave me in tears.

User Info: AdventSakriphys

6 years ago#2
Believe me... if you truly become enthralled with the story line and it's characters, this game will leave you with such a strange feeling of romanticism. A bitter sweet recognition of the events that occur after the game's main story line as well. For me, this game is Konami's greatest achievement.
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User Info: Yorada

6 years ago#3
From: AdventSakriphys | #002
For me, this game is Konami's greatest achievement.

Don't forget Silent Hill 2.
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