game no work

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User Info: Virtue777

8 months ago#1

my mom got me this game at walmart today and i try to put it on and i download dlc but when i boot up it kick me back out with error i dont understand why cannot i play this game i have call sony but they tell me it not sony game so now i am on hold with final fantasy.

anyone else have same prob?

i only get one game every 6 months i will be rly mad if this doest work lol
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User Info: Odinius

8 months ago#2
Nice try, lol

User Info: Moomba33

7 months ago#3
On the off chance this isn't a troll topic PS3 support for this game was dropped with the release of the Stormblood expansion.
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User Info: Virtue777

7 months ago#4
Game still no wirk.
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