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  3. The ultimate fast EXP Leveling Guide for level 1 to lv 50 right here ^_^

User Info: sithlord006

7 years ago#11
There is no scaling and you do not need to be 50. So long as you have a class that is at least one level higher, all of your DoW and DoM classes get the full 50%, and this bonus applies to FATE xp and kill xp. It does not (to the best of my knowledge) apply to other forms of xp, for example mission rewards, Leve/Heist/Dungeon completion bonuses, and Hunting Log.

User Info: jeffereyj

7 years ago#12
Ugh Wtf is the point in rushing?

It's not a race.

I'm assuming most of the people rushing just don't want to have to pay to play after this month?

User Info: MHNetio

7 years ago#13
Lol, the "OMG don't rush" mentalities are hilarious- nobody is saying another person should rush the game; you play however you want. The only reason to play slower is you're going to run out of your gil slower than others. But make no mistake: Its an inevitability.

Everybody has fun in their own ways. I'm definitely not saying stop imposing your personal playstyle on another- as I said, its funny reading how stupid you people are. All I'm saying is that the end results are the same no matter how long it takes to get there.

Although, it must be said, all those who have taken their time on levelling are at a disadvantage to the ones who hit 50 fast- easier aoe farming, experience in dungeons (thus less likely to be in parties with people who leave when you're new), optimal position to sell high end materia (who is buying that overpriced stuff? Slow levellers). The high level people dictate the market. Slow levellers are subject to this. Its just an ordinary and predictable facet of the game. But if everybody is having fun (or at least, complaining about the same old things), then who really cares how long it takes to get there, quick or slow?

So this information on how to level fast(er) is good for those who had no idea before and want to do it. Its a momentous occasion, as finally Xeno has made a worthwhile contribution to this board.

User Info: TiegerJD

7 years ago#14
What I find hilarious is how Xeno spent weeks leading up to launch insulting anyone who intended to level quickly.
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  2. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
  3. The ultimate fast EXP Leveling Guide for level 1 to lv 50 right here ^_^
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