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User Info: SuperZay

1 week ago#1

User Info: lightdragoon88

1 week ago#2
so much stuff
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User Info: StrykeBlayde

1 week ago#3
Riviera Shirt not having its gender requirement unlocked does make me a bit sad, it works amazingly for a pirate-y swashbuckler.

User Info: Ein_Soph

1 week ago#4
I seem to recall a reddit thread listing some of the items being gender unlocked. Think it was a datamine or something... Anyways, looks like they’re starting with the wedding items.

Though I wish there were more items on that list, I don’t doubt they’ll eventually get there. It’s a start.
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User Info: SuperZay

1 week ago#5
Its interesting they datamined gender unlocked gear which were in game files already months ago, and we had them locked all this time. Does it mean they had two sets of them, locked and not locked.

User Info: MajinUltima

1 week ago#6
Wow, early prelim notes.

User Info: Dethuli

1 week ago#7
It's long past time FC ranks were expanded.
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User Info: SuperZay

1 week ago#8
Ranks 21-30 have no reward, and no 3rd active FC action, this upgrade is disappointing.

User Info: Dethuli

1 week ago#9
Yeah it could be better, but that can be said about a lot of qol adjustments.
Consume product. Get excited for next product.

User Info: NoVaWing

1 week ago#10
-Gil no longer rewarded when submitting collectables.
-fees now apply to purchases made on market board when buying from same city.

Did something happen to the economy i do not know about?
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