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  3. What job do you get the most commends with?

User Info: Isilia

1 week ago#1
I have more commends than there are rewards, so I'm not actually searching for a way to get more. This is just a topic to see which job you get commend bombed the most on.

For me, it's been SCH. I've never seen so many 3-7 commends on any other job in Shadowbringers. White mage didn't get nearly as much. I have to wonder what will happen when I go to AST.

It was almost always a tank job prior to ShB.

My DRG seems to get a lot, too, for some reason. Guess it looks cool or something.

So how about you guys?
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User Info: SuperZay

1 week ago#2
The job I'm on when leaving the instance last.
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User Info: Shadygrove

1 week ago#3
BRD, I rarely take anything else to dungeons.
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User Info: chang3ling

1 week ago#4
I only have PLD at 80, so...
I do have WAR at 60, which also tends to get Commendations, and my WHM is at 50 which... usually gets at least 1, probably from the tank.
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User Info: quest64freak

1 week ago#5
Healing or tanking. People rarely notice if you're doing half of the overall damage. A healer LB3 save or chain pulling with a tank is always recognized.

User Info: Enclave

1 week ago#6
I usually get most commendations as tank. When I get one as a dps I tend to assume that the ones doing it are either noticing the threat gauge and my being above the other dps or they're parsing.

I also notice I get like no commendations as Black Mage and assume that's because I haven't bothered to properly learn its rotation at all yet.
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User Info: Rowde

1 week ago#8
Healer or Tank, I'm also well over 3k comms at this point so I don't care about it anymore. In most content I try to quickly leave from the DF menu instead of clicking on the exit at this point so ppl don't "waste" comms on me. Especially if I'm running content with a mixture of friends/randos.

User Info: Sohma

1 week ago#9
Black Mage....literally, majority of my commends all came from that job over years of playing because I very seldom will play any other job.

Honorable Mentions: White Mage, Dancer (because I actually know what I'm doing), and surprisingly, Samurai.
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User Info: SilentZed

1 week ago#10
SuperZay posted...
The job I'm on when leaving the instance last.

This is actually some of the best advice. Whether people are watching cutscenes, waiting to roll on gear, simply forgetting to comm and remembering only after everyone has left - if you wait to be the last person leaving the instance, you will get comms fairly often, regardless of the role.

That aside - I get more comms when I am tanking than I do healing, but only get comms as a DPS maybe 50% of the time whereas I get comms tanking almost 100% of the time and maybe 95% of the time when I am healing.

I give my comms to the healer if I am tanking, to the tank if I am healing, to the other DPS if I am DPS. If any of the above listed choices did poorly, then I tend to just give my comm to the person I think deserves it most in the group.
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  3. What job do you get the most commends with?
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