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User Info: MarkDeHyperion

1 month ago#1
I've been playing this game for a little over two months now and having a blast, albeit still learning a lot lol. That said, can anyone point me to some threads/videos or your own advice on how to tank as of the main changes since ShB? So far I've been grateful to have many extremely nice players with giving me advice that helped me improve my dps rotation when I would be in dungeons or things in general as I was learning the game. I decided to make an alt I wanted to focus solely for tanking (I know you can have all on one job, just mostly to play another race), but I'm lowkey anxious to dungeon with without understanding a few things lol. I'm not too sure on terms like "tank stance" I've read here and want to know the dues and don'ts. Currently I'm playing GLA/PLD though eventually I will pick up DRK and try to main. Anything helps and is very much appreciated.
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User Info: Renegade

1 month ago#2
Tank stance increases enmity generation to assist with holding mob aggro. Every tank has an ability that engages it. You keep it turned on permanently in 4-man content. In all other content you turn it off only if you're not the main tank or for mechanics requiring a tank swap.

Some abilities have been pruned, but still mostly relevant.

http://i.imgur.com/PELu7.png [] http://i.imgur.com/Um6Qk.png

User Info: rajin_donuts

1 month ago#3
Don't forget to grab the enemies with your ranged attack and use your aoe attack a few times to grab them all. Pick an enemy and work on it with your damage rotation and hit your aoe attack some more to keep hate and damage the enemies. Use cooldowns when necessary. Turn the boss away from the party. Always use tank stance when in 4 person dungeons or when main tanking 8 person content.

Have fun. Don't be afraid to go the wrong way in a dungeon. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to let the group know if you're tanking content for the first time.

User Info: MarkDeHyperion

1 month ago#4
Thanks guys. This helps a lot and I will keep noted!
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User Info: Theysaidit

1 month ago#5
Honestly for dungeons you would probably be fairly safe spamming AE on mob packs of 2 or more. It may not be optimal at 2 depending on class but it will be close enough potency to not matter too much. It will also make keeping threat trivial. If you are pulling multiple groups sprint before you pull so you get 20 sec duration instead of 10, and it let's you outrun mobs. Also stagger your tank cooldowns. Damage reduction does not stack well enough to make it worth stacking instead of using the CD to eat 2 different things.

User Info: Anacrusys

1 month ago#6
Always be aware of the healer’s competency, and learn how much they can handle. Examine them at the start of a dungeon. There is a good chance you’ll have high level healers synced down who can easily handle big pulls (multiple groups).

Most dps and healers prefer tanks to pull big so the runs go faster. If you wipe on a big multi group pull then slow down, but at least try it early. In fact, at higher levels, healers and dps will often be irritated if you never pull multiple groups.
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User Info: MeepleLardicle

1 month ago#7
That is a pretty good tanking guide, despite being a tad outdated. Fwiw, the outdated stuff I can tell are:

-Having moves that no longer exist (not a big deal to adjust for)
-Mentioning Aggro combos (Don't exist anymore; your Tank stance makes all your combos aggro combos)
-Lack of Gunbreaker (easy to adjust for, most of Gunbreaker's stuff is just a counterpart to other tanks)

So if anyone is wondering about the "4.x" thing, that guide is still good enough for now.

That said, one thing I will say about Tanking is there's one video about overcoming Tanking fears. I'm not going to say "Watch it" since I can sum up what the video says pretty easily:

Just do it. Tanking may seem scary, but you can't get over that "heavy responsibility!" hurdle until you just try it for a little while. Once you get a feel for it, it's not that bad. It also noted that FF14's community is generally more forgiving and friendly enough that if you screw something up, people are both more likely to forgive you and/or give you pointers on what to do help. At least provided you either own up to your mistake, or try to laugh it off (as opposed to "Blame someone else for your **** up.") Yes, laughing it off is usually taken positively; if you give an air of levity, others usually follow suit. So saying "Well, that didn't work, but it's ok, I have mastered the art of SHIFTING THE BLAME and thus can tell you it's the Dragoon's fault", they'll probably respond with something like "Sure, that makes sense" "It's always my fault :("

Also there is something I didn't see in that guide that I feel should be brought up:

Figure out what the Tank buster is for bosses. They almost always have a big single target or cleave attack that hits the tank. Recognize this move, and save at least one defensive cooldown for it. I personally always save my Low Cooldown on-command oGCDs for that. IOWs, The Blackest Night, Sheltron, Heart of Stone, and Raw Intuition (i think that's what the name of Warrior's is.) They tend to be plenty effective ot make Tank Busters more manage-able and makes life easier for healers, and because of their low Cooldown, you know they'll be ready for the next one.
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User Info: Pancake

1 month ago#8
honestly, the best tip i think i can give to a new tank is to use your cooldowns. get used to them. find opportunities to use them effectively.

like use reprisal before party damage or a tank buster kind of attack. use low blow if some weinee enemy tries an orange conal on you. keep an eye out for interjectable spells and do it.

arm's length applies a slow to everything that hits you. arm's length lasts 6 seconds, but the slow lasts 15, and this ability is super good for mitigation in dungeon content. use it.

it also prevents you from being knocked back and that's good for uptime; it would behoove you to identify survivable knockbacks and give them the nah, or to get used to doing it.

rampart isn't any good while it's on CD, so use that, too. damage intake in dungeon content is always at its highest at the start of a pull, because nothing's dead, so match your CD to the damage accordingly. if you're taking a ton of damage, you don't want to pop rampart only to die with vengeance ready to go.

try to move as little as possible. DPS will love you.
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