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  3. What would you say is FFXIVs biggest advantage over WoW?

User Info: strred

1 week ago#81
you seriously have to be blind to say this is a reskin of wow. the 2 aren't even remotely similar. wow has different gcd, different lore density, different combat style, different class style, seamless zones, wider race and gear diversity, scaling (which is relatively new, i know), radical changes from expansion to expansion, factions, heavier focus on pvp, wider range of choice when talking stats, actually has raids, story isn't required and isn't even linear, underwater combat exists, underwater zones exist in greater prominence than "dive in this water in this land zone, maybe there's a quest in there 1 or 2 times", overworld pvp and dueling, far greater list of things to collect per encounter, end-game gearing has more options and more items, reputations, voices pcs, etc.

where are the similarites? its a trinity game with a gcd? oh wow, talk about ripoff.
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User Info: Isilia

1 week ago#82
Every time I see you post, I swear I hear this in my head strred

Context: You continue to play a game you seem to diss at any opportunity. |

User Info: Alcyon

1 week ago#83
MajinUltima posted...

On the RNG part, Twintania before the change, was really unforgiving. The twisters were BS. Not purely RNG based but people felt it like it was and they called the BS. WOW gets a pass because it is WOW.

And before someone comes and claims "nah this was broken". False. Check the post after the first clear.

When people want more RNG, I wanna puke. Why do you think PoTD needed so long to be cleared? Of course, it is tedious, spending 5-6h for a new try is boring. But the last few floors are heavily RNG based. At 171+, if you run out of Steel, you die. If you run out of Serenity, you will probably die. If the layout is horrible, you could also die or run out of time.

User Info: ZidaneIX

1 week ago#84
MajinUltima posted...
That's a different subject entirely, and one I'm torn on. My stance has previously been that healers should be made to heal more. However, I'm kind of recognizing that's eating into the number of people playing healers and making role balance even worse. As someone who ironically had to heal most of mythic BOD progression because we were short on healers and better me in a OS than some rando garbage, it's still not my role preference.

At the end of the day, do I prefer a world where healers are Green DPS and more abundant... vs a world where healers have to heal well but role balance is worse off?
As someone who doesn't want to do it, I'd rather the on-the-fence Green DPS be a thing than having to wait on healers.

So while I agree on principle, I prefer the world with more folks healing so I don't ever have to consider it.

I understand that sentiment but as someone who likes healing in WoW, not my main class but I enjoy it, I am not satisfied with being a green dps.

Legion introduced titanforging which was one of its biggest flaws even though it was a great expansion. Emerald nightmare as a result was grossly undertuned because they didnt account for it. Still agree that artificial difficulty is terrible.

When I speak of rng mechanics in raiding I'm not just talking about target selection and the like, if I was I wouldn't have issues with alot of 14s fights. Even still I think e4s is great. I'm mostly talking about mechanics happening in an extremely predictable order. I don't need dbm in 14 because I already know to the second when the next mechanic will happen and what it does. In contrast, take a fight like the council fight in Antorus. This fight has a ton of rng in the order that things happen and yes even though it causes for some unfair situations it more often than not forces players to think on their feet and react to something thrown at them rather than follow the same pattern every time. Even then council probably went overboard on it. And stuff like mechatorque is a joke I completely agree. But there are a plethora of fights in wows history that put these concepts to great use.

I'm not trying to increase pull count just so fights take longer to clear. I want to make the fights more interesting the 2nd and 3rd and 10th time I do them.

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User Info: __Blight__

1 week ago#85
Two things -


Battle System is more enthralling. But, only when fighting Raid Bosses/Primals for the first couple of times. After that they become worst than WoW bosses.
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User Info: strred

1 week ago#86
apparently comparing 2 radically different games to show they aren't similar is "dissing".

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