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User Info: TheCroix

5 days ago#1
Remember when WAR only had Foresight?

Post your old memories
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User Info: lightdragoon88

5 days ago#2
member when machinist had ammo?
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User Info: Sammycakes88

5 days ago#3
Remember when summoner had a tank summon.
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User Info: psycofang

5 days ago#4
Remember when summoner had thunder 1?

User Info: StrykeBlayde

5 days ago#5
Remember when an Arcanist could use Bio 2, Miasma, Bio 1, Thunder 1, Aero 1, and a Poison Potion

And then Emerald Gleam to extend them all?

User Info: Rakidrake7

5 days ago#6
Remember when Cooldowns didn’t reset after a wipe?
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User Info: SacredDarkness

5 days ago#7
Remember when food used to wear off after you died?
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User Info: R_Fated_Circle

5 days ago#8
remember when jobs gained more skills instead of losing them :(
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User Info: geckodogma

5 days ago#9
Remember when WAR's were whining about Shake it off?
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Remember when sprint took tp?
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