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  3. Which jobs do you think could be split into two and still retain uniqueness?

User Info: Legendary_Musas

1 month ago#1
For example, imo Monk could be split into Monk and Black Belt.

Give Monk bo staves as weapons and focus on the spiritualistic aspects of Monk (chakra, mantras etc it could even be a healer job) and have Black Belt use fist weapons and focus on the martial arts side.
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User Info: 2DFighter84

1 month ago#2
This may not be what you're going for, but Specializations (or talent trees) pretty much do just what you're talking about. For example,

Paladin could be "split" into:
Holy Paladin (a healer class using heavy armour with 1 hand mace and shield),
Retribution Paladin (DPS class using heavy armour and 2 handed hammer) and a
Protection Paladin (a tank class using the classic sword and board).
These specs and names came from WoW's version of Paladin.
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User Info: Numenor

1 month ago#3
Considering all the problems that resulted from splitting Arcanist into SCH and SMN, there is no way they will ever do anything like that again.
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User Info: BreakevenCloud

1 month ago#4
Warrior and Berserker could be split. It’d be a mess at first, tho.
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User Info: shawn10000000

1 month ago#5
Bard and ranger for sure
bard is basically just a ranger right now anyway that pulls out a harp every so often

User Info: strred

1 month ago#6
astrologian splitting/speccing into time mage (support dps) and oracle (support healer)

honestly, this is the way to go for future expansion/s. lately, we're losing more than we gain and its especially bad for low level people when things are being taken from them and then need to get to 70-80 to get something that was actually recently added.

give us trees, specs, customization in some way. even if its as simple as attack skins or wow glyphs before they became purely aesthetic.

inb4: illusion of choice, everyone'll play the same build anyways. no they won't. most people will do whatever they want and that's ok. if you wanna play meta, you'll play meta. you don't see anyone saying to remove all non-meta classes because they offer illusion of choice, do you?
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

1 month ago#7
Still lowkey hoping they add a spec system at some point
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  3. Which jobs do you think could be split into two and still retain uniqueness?
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