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User Info: Anacrusys

2 months ago#11
ZodiacSoldier posted...
Anacrusys posted...
I’d bet the people claiming summoner sucks have not played it. There regurgitating info they read somewhere.

Yea I tried it over the weekend (only level 71 though) and it wasn't as bad as I read.

It might get worst when I unlock the Phoenix Trance stuff, but currently not as bad as I thought it would be.

The Phoenix is super cool! and enkindle Bahamut button turns in to enkindle Phoenix. Outburst key turns into Phoenix AOE. Ruin 3 key turns into Phoenix ST. So no extra hot keys.
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User Info: Alaxas17

2 months ago#12
I kinda hope they'd take away the card playing from ast or at least the rng aspect, imo, feels it got the most buttons on ps4, and cuz of the cards, i cant fit some of the main healing actions on the main hotbar (might just swap those and put the cards on tge secondary hotbar, but then itll be slightly annoying going back and forth)

Was thinking yesterday, maybe make the cards more heal oriented like instead of damage ups
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User Info: DetectiveZ

2 months ago#13
why the f*** is drk there?
we won this expansion lmao

User Info: scorpio man

scorpio man
2 months ago#14
whirlwind24 posted...

Getting carpal tunnel for little DPS sucks. Black Mage does way more damage with much less effort.

I would rather a class be overly simple then needlessly complex. Summoner is just a mash up of random mechanics while playing a piano as fast as you can. Not fun at all.

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User Info: MechaFlo

2 months ago#15
Of the ones I've played so far, I might say monk just because it's still so easy for GL to fall off between trash packs or when a boss' mechanics keep you unable to punch something. Form shift/perfect balance help but it still annoys me, when it's much easier to keep dragoon's buff up during downtime.

There are new tools it looks like at higher levels, but one requires not moving (ie not useful if you have to move for mechanics during an invuln phase) and the other is a weaponskill, ie you can't use it if you can't punch something right now.

The other jobs on the list here I haven't played in SHB so I can't comment on them.

PLD is improved. WHM while I miss aero 3, I like a bit better overall. I haven't spent much time with other jobs yet, though I'll be getting mnk and rdm to 80 to knock out the other two role quests in the next week or so.

User Info: Shinstrike

2 months ago#16
DetectiveZ posted...
why the f*** is drk there?
we won this expansion lmao

better question: why the f*** is mnk there? yeah i hate being at the top of the dps melee food chain to give the team utility as well, almost rivaling blm.
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User Info: Fauch

2 months ago#17
Shinstrike posted...
Ninja and Samurai.

NIN still ahs trick. which is nice. but its utility being comparable to DRG and doing 50% less than a DRG is not okay

SAM deals dmg too close to MNK/DRG to have no utility. in some cases, MNK flat out feels like it deals more damage.

From what I've seen, NIN is indeed undertuned, but undertuned jobs can be fixed easily by potency increases. AST tho...is plainly not fun since imho the main class gimmick has been gimped.

User Info: darkphoenix181

2 months ago#18
Smn always complain though.
Sb smn had alot of early complainers as well.
Then again, act had issue tracking dots at sb start.

To refresh my memory:

"Smn most punished at death" i said that too ;)
"Ruin mage"
"No more fester in dwt rarr"

Imo as far as how it plays it is fine. Old smn was a ton of buttons too.

I haven't tried ex fights yet, so I can't comment on dps.
I go through story slowly and been farming stuff like frog suit.

But as far as calling it carpal tunnel, how is that different than it was before?
Old smn was kinda worse because you were expected to quickly pop out garuda, contagion and then pop out ifrit to have both buffs, and they were janky to use.

But I digress, I may be miffed as well if all buttons on cd but dps is bad.

One great change though is free dot spreads.
You can even mess up and redo it since it just a cd.
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User Info: ZodiacSoldier

2 months ago#19
Have a somewhat related question. Was trying BRD this weekend, but is there AOE rotation pretty much Quick Nock Spam, with Rain of Death on CD starting at 45, Shadowbite on CD at 72 and Apex Arrow at 80?
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User Info: meestermj

2 months ago#20
Why is DRK on this list?
All of its changes were positive. Its fps is competitive, has great survivability, and still feels like DRK.
My only complaint is not getting step 2 of my AoE combo until 72.
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