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User Info: Zanimar

1 month ago#1
Do you think one would be fine playing mainly as a tank if they suffer from severe anxiety and depression? - Results (145 votes)
41.38% (60 votes)
58.62% (85 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Heya, so I haven't played this game since 4.1 and am wanting to come back. I've been wanting to main as a Dark Knight as I really do like the theme and style of the class and have long since wanted to move on from being a dps. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression from a lifetime of being bullied and rejection so I'm worried that being a tank would exacerbate my anxiety and depression. Do you think I'd be fine and that I don't need to worry about tanking affecting me negatively or would it be better that I stayed as a dps?
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User Info: el_tercer_poder

1 month ago#2
Given your conditions, I'm not so sure.

The best advice I could give you is to try out a tank-related job first and see if that sticks with you.
If it's too much, then simply stop.

It helps if you get used to it by starting from the bottom (ie. doing early dungeons and completing the Hall of the Novice).
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User Info: Peter_Redhill

1 month ago#3
So I have really bad anxiety and I have been playing Warrior exclusively for the last month or so. The first time I did an 8 man it scared the s*** outta me. But now I'm fine. Same with 24 mans. Am I the best tank? Probably not, but I'm trying and it's helping me build up my confidence. At first I was terrified and now I feel good. I feel like I'm in charge. It's a strange feeling for me, but I kinda like it.
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User Info: SheaStoned

1 month ago#4
Everyone is depressed and anxious, just pop some Prozac or sarafem before a dungeon.
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User Info: ArtiRock

1 month ago#5
Yeah. People will complain regardless of roles.
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User Info: MechaFlo

1 month ago#6
Playing a tank in this game isn't hard, especially in dungeons and story mode trials. But if you do mess up your role, it's immediately obvious, so I could see t hat being intimidating for someone with anxiety.

My advice would be to try it out in some low level dungeons. If you can get comfortable with it there, then continue on. Start out slow on easy content and work your way up. If you end up enjoying it, continue. If not, don't stress yourself out over it.

User Info: Jaybiz650

1 month ago#7
I have pretty bad Anxiety but to be honest I find Tanking to be fine. I find myself so focused on grabbing adds, keeping hate, and managing my cooldowns properly while watching what is going on around me. Of course there are oh s*** scenarios where a pull is too big for a healer to handle or DPS grabs aggro but as you play the role more you learn to adapt to those situations and pull the mobs back to you before they have a chance to cause a lot of issues.

User Info: Shadygrove

1 month ago#8
Its like this. There is anxiety stuff in any role. Only egoists never wonder if they are doing it correctly.

If you focus on what you are doing moment by moment your brain hasn't the time to activate those anxiety circuits.
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User Info: KarnRX78

1 month ago#9
I know it is easier said than done, you can't worry about what other people think. You can only focus on what you can control, yourself. Know your job, know the fights, and look to get better, if you do that you won't have time to be anxious. One of the best ways to get over anxiety is by doing stuff. You will have times when you fail, or cause a wipe, it happens to everyone at some point. If someone complains about it, they can f*** off and do it themselves.

Also you got to start at the beginning so to speak. Start with learning the job (rotations, what your CDs do, ect), read and watch guides and practice that. Then go into dungeons and do that until you're comfortable, then move on to some harder stuff and so on.

Honestly though, tanking isn't anymore stressful than DPS or Healing. Unless you are doing EX primals, savage, or ultimate, it is pretty brain dead. Most people just put undue stress on themselves over it because they think there is some sort of "leadership" role about it.
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User Info: Valkenhyne

1 month ago#10
As someone with (seemingly milder) anxiety and depression, I can reassure you a little. I play DRK occasionally, usually not for endgame content. I find it's a lot better for me if I play with my FC, so if that's an option for you I recommend it. If you're not in an FC, definitely consider it as an option - usually people are pretty forgiving and will help you learn without being toxic.

Personally, I believe in you and think you could absolutely do it if you spend the time to learn the class as you play, maybe mention at the start of the dungeon "first time tanking this one so please be patient :)" if it's something you've not done before. The tank that I usually pair up with is in a similar situation to you and he's also one of the best players of the game I know.
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