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  3. What do you want them to add to the game in the future?

User Info: Tosmasta00

2 months ago#11
Marrying NPCs/retainer. Cuz i'd like to marry Yugiri.
Also i would like an unsync option for some older fates.

Something else i'd like would to be hitting like 100k damage like in Eureka.
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User Info: E2I_GOD

2 months ago#12
A way to filter out bad dps from entering my duty.

User Info: Kaihedgie

2 months ago#13
Longer hairstyles. I don't care if it clips through the capes you rarely see in this game, especially when your tail is already doing that by default :T
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User Info: NekoSlave

2 months ago#14
Fir3Mage posted...
Actual Blue Mage

Right?! I'm not big on BLU myself, but I know many people are, and you can't even group with it? How sad...

My biggest desires are Viera, Dancer, and... something else I forget right now. I'm thrilled that V seems to be the new race coming, but I really hope it's FFT Viera and not FF12 Viera. There's a difference! I don't want to be just a tan human but with ears, nervous since that's what they did to the cat race from XI->VIX (although, they turned out to be the best race. Yeah, so best 90% are cats!)

I hope Dancer comes and is a healer/buffer party support class. That would make me so happy.

OH! Mime is the other one I want. I know it might be silly in an MMO compared to titles like 5/6 where they were useful or fun, but I still think the potential for gear and animations would make it worthwhile.
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User Info: RaVeNRandom

2 months ago#15
Unlocking skins like you do in Wow so you just have them when you want to glamour them. Also Mounts like they are in Wow so I have all my mounts when I make alts. Mostly just quality of life changes.
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  2. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
  3. What do you want them to add to the game in the future?
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