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User Info: defconn77

2 months ago#1
Is it completely random?. Is it based on if someone needs something then (they ) get the drop?

User Info: Alakazamtrainer

2 months ago#2
it's need/greed/pass

need you can equip it for your current class, if there's more then one needing ie 2 magical dps then both roll need and highest roll gets it, trumps greed

greed: you want it, but can't currently equip it or it's a different class armor. if no one needs, then the higest greed roll gets it

pass: you don't want it
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User Info: Sohma

2 months ago#3
It's RNG random if you're rolling Greed on a piece of gear that is not meant for the job that are you presently playing throughout the dungeon. For example, if you're playing as a tank but a treasure chest drops gear for healer. You can't roll the "Need" button on it because you're not playing as a healer, you'd have to either select "Greed" or "Pass" and the only way you'd get a shot at it is if the healer doesn't want it anyways.

When gear drops for specific jobs, the people playing those jobs will usually "Need" on gear first before either rolling "Greed" or passing it entirely.

Whoever has the higher number wins the gear.
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User Info: Tluhdatsi

2 months ago#4
You may also find yourself occasionally getting something without choosing Need or Greed. This will happen on the final boss's drop if everyone else has left and you're the only player still in the dungeon.
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User Info: Shadygrove

2 months ago#5
In 4.x dungeons you will automatically get one piece of gear for your current job after the final boss. I believe this now applies to 3.x dungeons as well.
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