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User Info: F1reMag3

4 months ago#21
Squidkids posted...
F1reMag3 posted...
Anecdotal evidence doesn't hold up Squid

you got banned several times for a reason you know


User Info: SuperZay

4 months ago#22
Squidkids posted...
you are not worth my time.

Squidkids posted...
you 2 need to learn how to read

It looks like you are trying to insult and flame me. Shoulld I report you and move on?

User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 months ago#23
I can't explain it, but some part of me always regret not having kept up with the relic weapons in past exp. So I intended to keep up with these ones.

Then they introduced the new and terrible version of relic weapons,so I quit the game.
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User Info: Broken_Fox

4 months ago#24
They should make eureka soloable with trust npcs. The true FFXI experience.
Gandalf the Istari 4 months ago#25
It's already dead now just from the patch - that's what it will be like.
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User Info: F1reMag3

4 months ago#26
Gandalf the Istari posted...
It's already dead now just from the patch - that's what it will be like.

Plenty of people in Pagos right now

User Info: windklinge

4 months ago#27
tc youre wrong. this is the only time theyll be released like this. pagos was delayed to make hoh look useful reward wise compared. pagos was clearly planned to be released much much sooner given how grindy it turned out. they pushed it back without adjusting for the fact that it would become pointless 5 weeks later already.

pyros is in 4.45. this is end of october unless they push full 7 weeks then its first week of november. which is still a good ways off.

the last eureka (if pyros contains diadem rng layers on relics its over anyway as thier diadem rng was already complete overkill and people simply wont ever accept that in the games current formula)

will be either in 4.5 (at launch is very unlikely given thier empty uneven patches so far) or about 1 month after 4.5 (normal time for final relic step before) or pushed back all the way to 4.55 in march 2019 (as final .x5 patch always comes a fair bit later than normal as it contains the story ending before .0 patch launch)
depending on how desperate they are. if they really plan another stupid take at the diadem loot system then 4.55 is most likely so they can damage control it via the 5.0 reset like they did with diadem 2.0.

so you still have over 1 month now for pagos. and then even longer for pyros. given pyros contains armor again it likely wont take aslong as pagos to finish. but if the substats truely become 100% rng then the length depends solely on luck and nothing else (unless youre willing to accept a useless relic) we need more details on the pyros system asap. the info we have is HUGELY concerning.

User Info: Jiruru

4 months ago#28
Is Eureka just dead now? I go into Pagos and it's at 3/144, I wait like 10 minutes and it's jumped up to 4/144.
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