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1 year ago#1
Final Fantasy XIV, also known as Final Fantasy XIV Online, was the fourteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series and the second, after Final Fantasy XI, to be an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Revealed at E3 2009, the Collector's Edition was released worldwide on September 27, 2010, with the standard release following a week later.

Final Fantasy XIV received heavy criticism at launch, prompting an official apology and the replacement of its development team. In October, 2011, Square Enix announced the game would be relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, an entirely new version rebuilt from the ground up. A Realm Reborn would carry over the original game's setting, lore and story, but feature a new client, server structure, graphics engine, interface, terrain, and content.

The original version of the game, alternately termed as Version 1.0 officially and "Legacy" by fans (after the promotional campaign prior to the game's closing), received its final update in November 2012 and its service concluded later that month. The original Final Fantasy XIV is the only game in the main Final Fantasy series that is currently unplayable and inaccessible in any legitimate form.

If I bought the original game, do I have to re-buy the new version?
No - You do not need to re-purchase the game. You can re-download the launcher.

PS3 Support has been discontinued

First Time Account Set Up
Registering FFXIV:ARR
Create a Square Enix Service Account

1) Before entering any codes, set up a Square Enix service account on your computer. You can do so here: https://secure.square-enix.com/account/

It is extremely important that you submit all details correctly. If you type in your birthday wrong you can never change it!

Do not use the Square Enix members site for registering your game. It is simply a social website, and does not give you access to the game.

2) If you are on the PS4, continue to step 3. If you are on PC, continue to step 9.


3) Log in to your PSN account you wish to link to your Square Enix account.

4) Head over the Playstation Network Store and click on “Redeem Code” on the left side of your screen.

5) Enter the code that is on the back of your PS4 manual. It will now prompt you to insert the game disc and begin installation. If you already have the game installed on your account because you had the full version of the game from early access, ignore this and go to your games section and initiate FFXIV.

6) After installation is done and you’ve started up the client, it will ask you to create or log into your Square Enix account. Since you’ve already done this on your computer, you’ll save a lot of time. Log into the Square Enix account you want your game associated with. (If you haven't set up a security token, leave the one-time password blank.)

7) Click add existing account. Do NOT click "add to a new service account". If you do this, it will split your account into two and you will have to go through an incredibly long process with customer service to re-merge your account. Review all of the information carefully before continuing!

8) You will not be prompted to enter any payment details yet because you have free game time. To ensure continuous availability of your account however, you can Mog Station (see step 9) to add payment information.


9) Head over to the Mog Station: http://sqex.to/Msp

10) Log into the Mog Station using your Square Enix account information. (If you haven't set up a security token, leave the one-time password blank.)

11) Click the add service and select the PC (Windows) option.

12) From here, enter in the code. Do NOT click "add to a new service account". Instead, click "add to existing service account"
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#2
13) You will not be prompted to enter any payment details yet because you have free game time. To ensure continuous availability of your account however, you can use Mog Station to setup your payment info.

How much does service cost?
Entry: $12.99 usd for 1 character per server, up to 8 total.
Standard: $14.99 usd for 8 characters per server, up to 40 total. (Legacy rate $9.99 usd for specific subscribers during 1.0)

Ok, Great, now I know what it is and how to pay for it, but how do I know if I will like it?
SE is offering an unlimited free trial for you to try out the game. It is 100% free of charge and does not expire. However, it does have limitations. You will be level capped to 35 and they have removed some features from the game during your trial period.

So, know I know how to buy it, and how to set up my user account. What do I do next?
You will need to select a Data Center and Server to create your character on (Some restrictions may apply due to congestion)

Data Centers and Server details
There are 6 Data Centers and 66 Servers (Data Centers are region based, North America, Europe, and Japan Pacific)

How do I choose one?
That depends on a few factors. Availability and where you are located, however you are not limited to only join NA servers if you are in NA, you can choose to play on an EU server. Your Mileage May Vary.

I Need help installing this.
This link will take you directly to SE's walk-thru on setting up the game - https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/start_ffxiv/

Setting up a character
You will options between Gender, Race (Au Ra is available if you have Heavensward Expansion installed) If you feel like you might want to change your characters appearance, you will have the ability with 1 free character change called a Fantasia, which is free upon completing the Main Story at level 50. Additional Fantasias are available for purchase at the Mog Station.

What Class to Choose
FFXIV has a role system in place. Tanks, Healers, and DPS (Damage Dealers) and the classes are as follows.

Gladiator - Palladin (Level 30)
Marauder - Warrior (Level 30)
Dark Knight (Heavensward required)

Conjurer - White Mage (Level 30)
Scholar (Level 30)
Astrologian (Heavensward required)

Lancer - Dragoon (Level 30)
Pugilist - Monk (Level 30)
Rogue (Level 10) - Ninja (Level 30)
Samurai (Stormblood required)

Archer - Bard (Level 30
Machinist (Heavensward required)

Magic Casters:
Arcanist - Summoner or Scholar (the only base class to offer both options at Level 30)
Thaumaturge - Black Mage (Level 30)
Red Mage (Stormblood required)

FFXIV utilizes a base class that grows into a job system. Job crystals are given through class quests and are available at level 30.

You no longer need to level alternative classes to gain access to Jobs.

In order to gain access to Dark Knight, Astrologian, or Machinist, you will need to complete the full Main Story and all of the quests that lead up to the Heavensward expansion as well as the Heavensward expansion installed.

In order to gain access to Samurai and Red Mage, you need to be level 50 and have the Stormblood Expansion installed.

I created a character and started the game with this class, but I don't like it, what can I do?
Its ok, at level 10 you can talk to the guild reception desk to try a different class. FFXIV allows you to have every class/job in the game on 1 character. You can switch your class/job by equipping the weapon that is used for that class/job.
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#3
Should I level multiple classes?
Sure! Its fun to see how other classes play and you might just fall in love with playing a completely different role.

How do Jobs work?
Jobs are a more-specialized version of a combat class. When you level a class to 30, you can do a quest to unlock the job. You'll be given a job stone; whenever it's equipped you become that job (so a Marauder becomes a Warrior). The job's level is always the same as the level of its class, and experience earned on a job is applied to the class. Jobs are able to use all of the abilities of their base class, and also gain new abilities not available on the base class.

What do stats do?
Stats determine how powerful your character is, and higher-level gear provides better stats. There are two kinds of stats: primary stats (also known as "main attributes"), and secondary stats (also known as "secondary attributes"). A character's primary stat total increases with item level, and there is very little variation in this total between characters of the same class and item level. In contrast, secondary stat totals have a great deal of variation between classes and item levels, and two characters with the same class and item level can have radically different secondary stat totals. This is because there are seven different secondary stats, but each class uses only four or five, and each piece of equipment only provides two.

All gear for a particular combat class will have some amount of that class's damage stat, and all left-side gear for combat classes will also have some amount of Vitality. The damage stat for a class is the main attribute that is used to calculate that class's attack power: Strength for melee DPS except rogue/ninja, Intelligence for casters, Dexterity for ranged DPS and rogue/ninja, and Mind for healers. Tanks are a special case: tank damage is calculated using Strength, but tank accessories have both Vitality and Strength.

Primary stats:

Vitality - Increases maximum HP.
Strength - Increases melee physical attack power for most classes and jobs.
Dexterity - Increases ranged physical attack power, as well as melee physical attack power for Rogues and Ninjas.
Intelligence - Increases attack magic potency for casters, as well as the healing magic potency of Red Mage.
Mind - Increases healing magic potency, as well as the attack magic potency for healers.
Secondary stats:
Skill Speed - Decreases weaponskill recast time, and increases potency of auto-attacks and damage-over-time effects inflicted by melee and ranged physical DPS.
Spell Speed - Decreases spell recast time, and increases potency of damage-over-time effects inflicted by casters and healers.
Tenacity - Decreases damage taken, increases HP healed and damage dealt. Only effective when playing as a tank.
Piety - Increases maximum MP. Only effective when playing as a healer.
Direct Hit - Increases probability and potency of scoring a Direct Hit. Direct Hits are not as strong as Critical Hits, but happen more frequently.
Critical Hit - Increases probability and potency of scoring a Critical Hit. Critical hits are stronger than Direct Hits, but don't happen as often.
Determination - Increases damage dealt and outgoing healing by a flat rate.

What are Levequests?
Levequests are an on-demand quest system that's been modified from the original FFXIV. You can talk to Levequest NPCs in each main city or region, and get a special objective to complete. Combat classes get combat missions, crafting classes get missions to make certain items, and gathering classes get levequest-specific item objectives. Each time you accept a quest you'll use one Levequest allowance, whether you successfully complete it or not. You get 3 allowances every 12 hours, and can have up to 100 saved up.
You unlock the Levequest system through a storyline mission at level 10.
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#4
What are FATEs?
FATE stands for Full Active Time Event. They're large-scale temporary events where everyone in the area can help to complete the objectives. It's similar to systems in Rift or Guild Wars 2. Objectives range from killing waves of mobs, to collecting items, to killing some of the hardest monsters in the game.

What are Guildhests?
Guildhests are short party fights you start seeing at level 10. They play similarly to mini-dungeons. They also introduce people to party play concepts, like dealing with groups of monsters and different boss mechanics. They're great for players new to MMOs, and each provide a large experience and gil bonus for first-time completion on a given class or job.

What is the Duty Finder?
The Duty Finder is an matching service for people looking to do group content like dungeons, primal fights, and Guildhests, without forming their own party. You queue as a specific class, and the Duty Finder will find other queued people (even on other servers) to fill out your party. Depending on your role there may be a bit of a wait, especially if you're playing a DPS class. Luckily, you can do other things while you wait, like questing, crafting, or dancing nude in a fountain.

When can I enter a dungeon?
The first dungeon, Sastasha, is available at level 15. You must complete a story mission to unlock it the first time. Most other dungeons up until level 50 are gated behind story missions, but a handful are optional and only require you to do a simple quest to unlock them.

Can I play the game solo?
Yes and no. Most quests, whether part of the main story or side quests, are designed to be completed solo. Assuming you stay in the general vicinity of your current story quests and keep your gear updated, you will be able to defeat normal enemies in the overworld with little difficulty, and any enemies that spawn as part of a quest will be the same level as the level of the quest. However, progressing the main story often requires running dungeons or participating in trials, both of which are group content. With the use of Duty Finder, you won't need to find and form a party beforehand, but you will be fighting alongside other players in a small group - either four for most dungeons, or eight for most trials.

How big are parties?
A single party can have up to eight people in it. Different types of group content are designed for light parties of 4, full parties of 8, or an alliance of three full parties (24 people).

Is there PvP?
Yes! All players are able to participate in PvP after completing a short quest available at level 30 from their chosen Grand Company. The Feast is a ranked PvP mode between two light parties of 4 people, and training matches between two full parties of 8 are also available. Frontlines is large-scale PvP for three teams of up to 24 players each (24v24v24 or 72 players max) based around either capturing and holding checkpoints (Secure), checkpoints that move around the field (Seize), or moving checkpoints combined with destructible structures (Shatter) in a single large map. In all of these cases, PvP is instanced and does not take place in the overworld.

PvP combat follows very different rules from regular combat. There is a small arena at the Wolves' Den Pier inside which players are able to challenge other players to a duel for practice, or experiment with their PvP abilities.
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#5
Can I repeat quests on a new class?
Once you complete a quest (story quest or side quest) it's done for good. That means after you level up a class or two you might find you've run out of quests around a city. There are other ways to level though - FATEs, dungeons, Levequests, Hunting Logs, class quests, and so on. Also, any combat classes with a level lower than your highest-level combat class receive an Armoury Bonus to the experience they receive. From levels 1-59, the Armoury Bonus is 100% (double experience gained), while classes at level 60 or above receive an Armoury Bonus of 50%.

How do I loot things? How is loot handled in a party?
Looting in ARR happens automatically. If you kill a monster and it drops an item, it goes into your inventory with no additional interaction needed. Items dropped from monsters while in a party (like in a dungeon) are awarded to random players.

In the case of equipment or certain rare items, a need/greed/pass system determines which party member gets the equipment. These items are placed in a pool, and anyone that can equip the piece with their current class or job (level doesn't matter) can roll Need if they choose. Everyone (including those that can Need) can roll Greed, or Pass if they choose. Rolling Need or Greed will generate a random integer from 1 to 99.

The equipment is awarded to the person who rolled the highest number among those who chose Need. If no one chose Need, it is awarded to the person who rolled the highest number among those who chose Greed. If all players Pass, the equipment disappears.

Note: If all but one player leaves an instance with loot still in the pool, and the remaining player is eligible to receive the loot and has not chosen to Pass, they will receive the remaining loot. If they are not eligible to receive the loot (for example, in a 24-person raid where they have already received a piece of loot for the current week) or if they have chosen to Pass, any remaining loot will disappear.

When do I get a chocobo?
A level 10 storyline mission lets you use chocobo porters (chocobo takes you to other settlements on their own) and chocobo rental (you can ride it anywhere, but it disappears when you dismount). After joining a Grand Company, you can purchase a chocobo license to get your own personal chocobo mount. At level 30, players can complete the quest "My Feisty Little Chocobo" to gain the ability to summon their chocobo for combat.

What is Materia?
Materia is an armor customization system in FFXIV, similar to gemming systems in games like World of Warcraft. Some armor pieces will have materia slots, which can be filled with materia containing stats like Determination, Tenacity, or Strength. Materia can be attached to gear by either other player characters or special NPCs. Each piece of gear requires a specific crafting class to attach materia, and the character executing the meld must have the class leveled at least to the minimum required level of the gear. Materia can also be removed by anyone who has learned how to attach materia (regardless of their level), though removal is not always guaranteed to succeed.
New materia can either be purchased from special vendors, or created by converting gear that has been worn for a period of time. Each piece of gear has a "spirit bond" rating that increases when you gain experience while wearing it. Once it hits 100%, it can be converted to materia with a random stat. Not all gear can

You'll have to do a quest at level 19 to turn gear into materia, and another one once a crafting class gets to level 19 to affix materia.
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1 year ago#6
Is there an auction house?
FFXIV uses a similar system called the Market Board. A level 17 story mission grants access to retainers. These retainers will store items and gil for you, as well as sell items on the market. Each retainer can sell 20 items, and you can have two retainers. Buying things can be done at a market board in each town, which works similarly to an auction house in other games. You can search for gear by class and level, or other items by type, and see everyone who's selling things.

Don't worry, it's completely different than the old retainers system in 1.0.

What is a Grand Company?
Grand Companies are FFXIV's answer for factions. After a level 20 story mission, you are forced to choose between Grand Companies representing each of the three main cities: Immortal Flames for Ul'dah, Twin Adders for Gridania, and the Maelstrom for Limsa Lominsa. While you represent your Grand Company, you can get Seals to buy special GC equipment, items, and even Chocobo barding (mount armor). Grand Companies also determine which faction you play for in Frontlines PvP, though for PvP purposes you can choose to "freelance" and play as any Grand Company to speed up your wait time. You do not have to choose the same Grand Company as your starting city, and you can switch at any time.

What is a Free Company?
Free Companies are like Guilds. Your Free Company will have special benefits like their own forums on the Lodestone and member-wide housing. You can also get Free-Company-wide buffs such as experience bonuses, cheaper teleports, or longer-lasting food buffs. You can only belong to one Free Company at a time.

What is a Linkshell?
A Linkshell is like a special chat-room in game. You can pass them out to anyone (though there is a limit to how many people can join), and can be created as a special place to hang out, or for a specific purpose. You can belong to up to 8 Linkshells at once, and they can be accessed in the normal chat window.

Can I play with my friends from level 1?
It depends how industrious you want to be. Your starting class will determine your starting city; Gladiators, Pugilists, and Thaumaturges start in Ul'dah; Lancers, Archers, and Conjurers start in Gridania; and Marauders and Arcanists start in Limsa Lominsa. If you choose the same city, you can play together immediately. If you choose different cities, it is possible to run to another city to start playing, though you will need to avoid the myriad of high level (to you) mobs that want to kill you. Keep in mind though, that your story and class quests will be at your home city, so your progression will be stilted unless you warp back on occasion.

Also, story quests for each city merge after level 15, the same point at which you get access to easy city-to-city transportation. And 15 levels don't take too long.

Glamour/Dyes/Aesthetician to alter your appearance
Glamours are a way to have a piece of gear equipped and have the appearance of a different piece of gear. Some gear is dye-able some is not. The Aesthetician allows you to change your hair style.
We have the ability to save glamour outfits via the glamour dresser, or you can individually glamour your gear through usage of glamour prisms.
These become available to you at level 15 (Glamours and dye are available outside of the Waking Sands in Western Thanalan)

Additional questions asked frequently
When should I buy the expansions?
When you are almost at level 50. With the expansions added to your account, you will continue to receive experience points from quest otherwise you would not.

Can I play this on Steam?
Yes. But be warned you will have your account locked into Steam for life, which means future expansions will also need to be bought on steam.
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#7
If I buy the base game do I get a free month?
Yes you do.
If I buy the base game on a different platform do I get a free month?
Yes you do.
If I buy the expansions do I get a free month?
No you do not.

Does the game have jump potions?
Yes it does, they only jump your character's job level to 60, but you will still need to complete the story.

Does the story Jump potion get my character to 60?
No it only completes the Main Story Quests it does not level your character.

What is the Challenge Log?
Players can unlock the Challenge Log by completing the level 15 quest "Rising to the Challenge" by speaking with I'tolwann in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11, y10) you must first complete Call of the Sea (Gridania)(Limsa Lominsa) or (Ul'dah)

Can I freely change between platforms from PC to PS4 or from Steam to PC?
No, you will need to buy another copy of the base game and all expansions to switch. But once you own a license on any of the 4 platforms (PC Steam MAC and PS4) you can continue to play on any of them at any time.

What is "End Game"
End Game is the point where you have completed all of your leveling and you are playing the current batches of content available. These tiers are based on level 50, 60 and 70.
There are currently 3 sections of End Game. End game content for 2.0 (ARR) End Game Content for 3.0 (HW expansion.) And End Game Content for 4.0.

They feature:
Additional 4 player Dungeons
Additional 8 player Trials
Additional 8 player Raids
Additional 24 player Alliance Raids.

They range in difficulty with 4 player dungeons being the easiest all the way up to Ultimate 8 player Raids being the most challenging.

There are Normal modes and Savage modes for the 8 Player Raids for both the Alexander Series as well as the Omega Series.

The Coils of Bahamut from 2.0 is deemed on level with Savage.

Unsyncing level sync
It is optional to be able to unsync a piece of content and run it with less than the intended party members on older content, Please look for these parties in the party finder. In my opinion, the older fights are just as much fun as the new ones, and are terrific to experience any way that you can.

Minimum Item Level
You have an option to sync your level down to the minimum requirements as well to experience fights at their hardest difficulty.

Crafting and Gathering, should I do them? What are they for?
Both are in addition to the base game and are 100% optional. Both are based upon the server economy and can generate income as a player.

Do I need a lot of gil(gold)?
Gil has minimal actual uses beyond cosmetics. Gil is required for transportation and repairing gear. all other uses are for purchasing optional items. Your mileage may vary.

How do I play may chosen role/job
I have included helpful guide links below.

Anything else I should know about?
Yes! Here are more helpful websites to assist you.
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User Info: colddeck64

1 year ago#8
Official Forums - http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/forum.php
Benchmark - https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/benchmark/
Ariyala's toolkit - http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/
ARR Status - https://arrstatus.com/
Chocobo Construction (Housing) - http://chocoboconstructioncompany.com/
Crafting as a service - http://ffxivcrafting.com/
Fishing guide - http://ff14angler.com/
Crafting Simulator - http://www.ffxivcrafter.com/
Gardening - http://www.ffxivgardening.com/
Housing Database - http://en.ff14housing.com/
Lord of Verminoin mini game - http://www.ffxiverminion.com/
Gathering and Crafting Leve guide - https://www.bluegartr.com/threads/117778-DoL-DoH-Levequest-Locations
Gathering timer - http://www.ffxiv-gathering.com/
Garland Tools - http://www.garlandtools.org/db/
Hunting Guide - http://dimensionaldeath.com/index.php?page=huntinglogs
Minion Guide - https://minionguide.com/
Relic Light Tracker - https://www.reddit.com/live/tlfmtjl4fteo
Treasure Map Guide - http://www.heavenswhere.com/
General Guides - http://www.ffxiv-guide.com/
Pocket Guides - Mobile Friendly - http://ffxiv.joshdrink.com/
Controller Configuration - https://supernova-squirrel.herokuapp.com/
General Crafting- https://ffxivteamcraft.com/home

Class/Job Guides
All can be found in this Google Doc -

Credit for information -
Reddit User /u/musicmage4114 (whom created the majority of this information on reddit.com/r/ffxiv)
Reddit User /u/Ven_ae ((whom created some of this information on reddit.com/r/ffxiv)
Reddit User /u/supamiu (who assisted with links)
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1 year ago#9
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So... Sticky requested?
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