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User Info: StrykeBlayde

11 months ago#1
Having gotten all Disciples of War/Magic to 70, I've decided to list the 60-70 questlines in order of how well I enjoyed them. I've done this like two times prior, and it's always nice to see how other people think of the questlines as well. Before I start, I'll mention one thing I think is a downfall of all of them - only the level 70 quest grants you anything. Beforehand, there was at least an effort to incorporate the skill you'd learn into the questline, even if but a passing mention. Summoner in particular really used this to its advantage back in Heavensward. In Stormblood, I don't believe there's any mention at all of what you're learning. Also, there's going to be spoilers. Obviously.

1st: Dark Knight
This was actually my most recent completion, and I was shocked it beat out Summoner and Red Mage. Dark Knight's 30-50 questline was easily my second favorite, while the 50-60 questline wasn't quite as good. A questline where you go through your past and help try and help people you've affected for better or worse, and a fantastic level 70 instance where dear ol' Fray returns for a final volley to handle the part of Vezera that feels sorrow for the people she's affected. If I had any complaint at all, it's that Fray didn't go Persona Shadow on me like in the level 50 quest, but honestly I never minded his original form either.

2nd: Summoner
In my last tier topic, I mentioned my bias for Summoner. It's still held. Learning about Allagan Summonig while dealing with an apparition of the original Summoner, good instances, and making a computer fear me instead of trying to syphon my aether and making a bad Vezera. Can't complain.

3rd-4th: Astrologian, Warrior
I truly cannot figure out which of these two I prefer more, so I lumped them together in no real order, a tie if you will. With Astrologian we learn a lot about Hingashi's culture and Geomancy while having some interesting instances, and with Warrior we have a storyline that's just 'fun'. Not really lore-heavy or thought-provoking, but good clean fun. I enjoyed both of 'em and don't really have complaints unique to them.

5th: Monk
6-8th:Bard, Machinist, and Samurai

All of these questlines serve the same purpose - to learn about hardships or trials certain areas face while teaching people the error of their ways. In essence, these are glorified area sidequest lines. Not a bad thing at all, though. Monk and Bard hitting Ala Mhigo history(Bard touching up on the Gridanian/Ala Mhigan war), Machinist hitting Ishgardian culture clash of highborn and lowborn, and Samurai hitting the Sekisegumi and their place in Kugane. Monk is a clean 5th of the group, if only for bringing back HAMOOOOOOOOON HOLYFIIIIST.

9th: Red Mage
As in my last topic, the Red Mage questline dragged a bit and didn't utlize Arya or Lilith as much as I wanted. The final fight was cool, but for a storyline about possession not really possessing it's kind of hard to rate it higher comparatively.

10th: Dragoon
A questline about trying to help two dragons find each other once again. As a dragon slayer. Weirdly, it works. Interacting with the dragon and learning a little bit about Ala Mhigo and Azim Steppes while tanking a dragon with Estinien makes for an alright instance. Aside from that, it wasn't all that interesting.

11th: Ninja
I think Karasu has overstayed his welcome, honestly. It's really weird seeing him walk perfectly normal, stopping in place, and then transitioning to his weird pose. Also a bit predictable that he feigned death a second time. Enjoyed the scroll getting swapped out and the instance to go with it, but ultimately this questline could have been done so much better.

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User Info: StrykeBlayde

11 months ago#2
12-14th: Paladin, Scholar, Black Mage
I lumped these three together because they all felt about the same - just entirely underwhelming and plain. However, be it the arena-styled instances that I liked from Paladin, the final instance fight of Scholar, or the character interactions from Black Mage all kept them from being the absolute worst.

15th: White Mage
And last, and most certainly least - White Mage. While we get to learn a little bit about the Padjal, it ultimately doesn't help things much. I don't believe you ever really step foot out of the Fringes once you go there(unless it's back to Gridania), the instances are kinda bland, and the final twist I still don't quite understand(a voidsent possessed her mom and.....gave her heart failure?). Scenery that doesn't change, a story that isn't very engaging, and fights that are completely unremarkable. Easily the worst quest.

I'd like to go more in-depth on each of them, but as I was typing I realized I clumped most of them together and would have a lot of issues figuring out which ones beat out what. So while this is my list, I'm curious as to see what you all think of the SB questlines that you've done and how you feel they compared to each other.
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User Info: Dethuli

11 months ago#3
WAR was my favorite but I'm mostly indifferent towards the others. DRK gets bonus not for its plot, but for its lore implications; once again the WoL's aether is channeled through their DRK crystal to generate thought-forms.

I'd really like DRK to gain this power as a skill or ability at some point.
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User Info: IqarP15

11 months ago#4
Blm lvl 60 quest needs to be dubbed down. Tried 3x and get killed by the ice crystals at the start. PLD war drk whm brd quest lines are not even remotely that difficult.
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User Info: Crackery

11 months ago#5
I didn't mind WHM too much. I have only done like 60% of them but found BLM the worst by far. The s***otto thing was such a joke with the way it handled possession by a living spirit as some sort of benevolent force that acts in symbiosis with its host to break through the surface of consciousness when it's convenient for all involved parties.

I was hoping it would be revealed that the possession thing was an elaborate hoax, but no, the quest line was really that trite. Shame.
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User Info: Malzra_Airwynn

11 months ago#6
I've done PLD, RDM, DRG, MNK so gar.

Red mage was pretty good, also had the advantage of both of its stories being written at the same time for the expansion.

Monk was fairly good. It was cool seeing there's a lore difference between pugilists and monks beyond 'monks are better pugilists' though sadly we didn't get much in detail other than pugilists maybe being inferred to be more flexible in style.

DRG had an interesting finale but had too much filler in the 63/65 quests. I kind of wish the quest had been about dragoons bonding with dragons now that the dragonsong war is oer.

PLD was a boring tournament arc with no real stakes. I mean it was cool seeing the Gladiator characters again, and the fights were decent enough, but just having a tournament in Ul'dah wasn't very satisfactory for a second expansion story. It would have worked better as a lower level gladiator quest line. The villain was just a lalafel noncombatant trying to rig a fight in our favor. I'd have rather been out in gyr abania protecting the weak or something sterotypically super heroish rather than just having a tournament in ul'dah.

User Info: Excalibur

11 months ago#7
Having only done SCH, SMN, RDM, and BRD, I pretty much agree with this lineup. I didn't like the SMN story all that much, but it does at least get big bonus points for continuing to be one of the only quest lines where gaining your new abilities is built into the plot as opposed to just being "hey you beat up some dudes here's a new skill."

My opinion of the SCH story is going to be pretty much entirely dependent on what they do about Lilac in the future. The 60-70 story can either be a really cool lead-in to getting a third fairy in the future, or it can fizzle out and become ultimately pointless.
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User Info: Darth_BadGuy

11 months ago#8
I had a whole sheet of text typed out and I lost it, so f*** it. Cliffnotes:

Have done BRD/DRK/WHM/BLM/NIN. Mostly agree with tier list but.

-Bard way lower. Did not touch on the Autumn War at all besides that secret you supposedly learn, had literally nothing to do with Bard lore other than them being Gridanian (seriously,you could cut out a couple lines here and there and make the whole thing a sidequest). Straight Lancer guy and D&D walking Bard stereotype elf need to leap off a cliff post-haste. Also,extremely boring final fight.

-WHM higher. It explored how the common people view the Padjali (not always benevolently) and gave us an opportunity to simultaneously see how much Sylphie has grown and mentor her once again (showing how we have grown as well). Story itself about a little girl coping with losing her mom wasn't that bad either.
Plus,I have a soft spot for E-Sumi Yan. He gets to deal with so much more s*** than he deserves.

- NIN questline neither hot nor cold. Traveling to ancient ninja village and fighting rival ninja clan SHOULD have been really cool,but weren't(same for 50-60 about swearing loyalty to a princess, really). We didn't even meet any other ninjas. Final fight was cool because giant tiger. Karasu needs to get taken down a peg or five.

Also saving the world by fighting golems is kinda stupid. As final villains go, golems are just not impressive- they're mindless automatons, after all. Gimme more voidsent stuff a la Sky Pirate raid.
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User Info: F2H

11 months ago#9
IqarP15 posted...
Blm lvl 60 quest needs to be dubbed down. Tried 3x and get killed by the ice crystals at the start. PLD war drk whm brd quest lines are not even remotely that difficult.

whm job quest was pain in ass.
not hard once you know what you're supposed to do though. the one at the cabin.

Drk job quests are total joke in terms of difficulty, except the very first one, to get Darkside. I remember having some trouble with it.

User Info: Ein_Soph

11 months ago#10
WHM quest was as bland as the job.
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