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  3. It sure does seem more difficult to get commendations as a tank.

User Info: ANation

1 year ago#1
It feels like you have to be perfect to get one. It is extremely easy as a healer. Getting one as a tank feels only slightly more difficult than getting one as DPS.
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User Info: FireMage7777777

1 year ago#2
That's a joke right? Tanks get comms like people get junk mail

User Info: magemaximus

1 year ago#3
yeah you can be a bad tank and get comms. trust i know. ^_~

last night i was doing kugane castle as a rdm and i was wondering why it was taking so long. so i put up act and saw that the drg was being absolutely s***. the drk was doing more dps than him. nothing to do with tanking, just this topic reminded me of it for some reason.

oh, i gave the comm to the drk. i guess that is the relation. he wasn't a bad tank though. well, not for me at least.

oh and to be fair, the healer wasn't doing any damage at all.

oh, and to be fair again, the drg had his 290 drg gear.
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User Info: Kill_The_Chav

1 year ago#4
The only way you could possibly be getting 0 comms as a tank is if you are horrendous at tanking!

Christ, enter PotD as a tank and only do dps and you'll still be inundated with comms!

User Info: Pancake

1 year ago#5
just don't wipe the mobs or spin the group.
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User Info: CarbonButtflap

1 year ago#6
I like to play a game when I tank called "can the melee learn to waltz"

I don't earn many comms.
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User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

1 year ago#7
Really? I got plenty just fine from tanking most of the time. Although it's true that people seem to want to reward the healer more than the tank, since as a White Mage I've been getting more comendations.
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User Info: quest64freak

1 year ago#8
I am least comfortable with tanking and I get commendations from it almost every time. When playing White Mage I often times do more overall damage throughout a dungeon than random DPS and commendations seem to be 50/50 unless I happen to get thrown in a premade group and the commendation choice is limited.

It's just how things are. People often commend the tank simply for being the tank and making the dungeon happen in the first place. Others do it because they're at the top of the list and the first choice is the most popular one in a situation where there is no correct answer.

User Info: IqarP15

1 year ago#9
I don't get many from Rab raid. Sometimes 2 maybe 3 and sometimes none. Hopefully I can reach 3k before summer.
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User Info: MeepleLardicle

1 year ago#10
My experience has been Tank gets the most comms followed by Healer. In fact, playing tank, I regularly get 2-3, as a Healer I regularly get 1-2 (usually the 1 comes from the tank itself.) For a DPS to get a comm, you basically need to either:

A. Be absolutely exceptional
B. Be a coach of some kind helping newbees out, or giving advice in general for a tough point, at which point most give a comm as their means of showing appreciation
C. Do something stand out like successfully defeat a boss that seemed like an insured wipe by yourself.
D. Tank and/or healer leave before others have a chance to comm them, so they just toss their comm on you out of courtesy.
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  3. It sure does seem more difficult to get commendations as a tank.
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