I play a healer because I want to heal, not because I want to DPS.

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  3. I play a healer because I want to heal, not because I want to DPS.

User Info: ShiroMiyata

7 months ago#1
There are a lot of people who seem to believe that their words matter more than what Yoshi-P has said in regards to the healing process. If people want to DPS in addition to healing, they have the tools to do so - but it isn't a necessity and nobody should be forced to do so outside of high end progression.

Even when I have learned the mechanics for a new fight, I do not like to DPS. The only way I will DPS in this game is if I am playing a DPS class at the time. I do not play a Tank, so I cannot comment on that particular role.

All I want to do is to be able to sign up for a roulette and heal my allies. I do not want the added stress of having to DPS on top of it. That is my choice and I wish for it to be respected.

User Info: xXZioXx

7 months ago#2
Well, if i heal, and i hate it, i do dps if i have the time for it. Better than not doing anything right?

User Info: Millea

7 months ago#3
Yeah, people shouldn't care if it's just dungeons and casual content.

User Info: OlendraDivine

7 months ago#4
I knew a healer that refused to dps.

They would say: "I play a healler not a dps"

I replied: "you spelled 'healer' wrong. remove one of the 'L's"

They responded: "which 'L' do I remove?"

User Info: Vermander

7 months ago#5
I mean you should DPS as healer unless we are talking content that can actually keep you busy enough to heal forever.
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User Info: Kaiganeer

7 months ago#6
play a different game then

User Info: geckodogma

7 months ago#7
Funnily enough, it's the low level content that has such a low incoming damage that encourages a DPS-ing healer.
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User Info: ShiroMiyata

7 months ago#8
Kaiganeer posted...
play a different game then

I'm happy with FFXIV, though. Yoshi-P has spoken out in support of the pure healer community.

User Info: Dethuli

7 months ago#9
Oh, this topic again?
Got a minute? You might learn something.

User Info: quest64freak

7 months ago#10
If I end up with a healer that doesn't want to use their offensive kit I'm fine with it. Sure the dungeon is going to take a few minutes longer but I'm not going to get upset at them over it.

I think a big part of the problem is healers with that kind of mentality think they're being asked to work harder than anyone else in the group. Tanks keep mobs on them, DPS kill things and healers make sure everyone survives; it all works out, right? What they don't understand is that they're being carried if they refuse to help deal damage.

Imagine ending up with a Paladin that handled trash pulls by casting Flash several times and then doing nothing but rotating cooldowns to mitigate damage. When it comes time for a boss they stay in their defensive stance, do a few enmity combos and stop attacking to focus on positioning and cooldown usage. If anyone starts getting close on enmity they'll throw out a few more combos. Are they playing any worse than the healer that refuses to do anything except heal? They're doing exactly what is expected of their role; keeping the enemies off of everyone else and mitigating incoming damage.

"But Yoshida only said they don't take healer damage into account. He never said that about tanks." This is true but there isn't a single boss(non-Ex/Savage of course, but those tend to be handled much differently with far stricter expectations of each member of the party) that can not be taken down purely through damage contributed by the two DPS, even if they're mediocre. The tank's damage is not required. It merely speeds up the fight. The same applies to healers.
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  3. I play a healer because I want to heal, not because I want to DPS.

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