i tried out fishing and now i can't stop playing!

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  3. i tried out fishing and now i can't stop playing!

User Info: chicksboii

9 months ago#1
has anyone else tried fishing???? are the field crafting like this? i thought it was an auto fishing but it actually uses your concentrated mind and press when to hook! it's a nice mini game! how can i benefit from fishing guys

User Info: Soma_Cruz_Alpha

9 months ago#2
you can sell rare fishes to crafters for gil, it's great, if you have time and dedication to go all the way to 70
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User Info: Jolteon

9 months ago#3
If you combine fishing with CUL desynth*, that's the only way to get the items needed for certain swimsuits. You can also sell fish to other fishers, which seems stupid but totally works. Hot sellers are HQ versions of fish needed for leves, Grand Company supply requests, and fish needed for class quests (1-60 only, SB class quests use unique untradeable items). You can also sell fish for certain types of food. Just for example, baked Pipirapira is a Grand Company CUL request, and people will buy that at a pretty decent price.

Btw, just a couple of tips if you plan to do a LOT of fishing. If you play with a controller (this works great for fishing), there's an option that will allow you to continue using your controller even when tabbed out, as well as an option that will play game sounds while tabbed out**. If you do that and have rumble turned on, you can fish even while browsing websites or watching s*** on Netflix or whatever.

The greatest benefit from fishing is simply that it's a fun and relaxing activity to do while waiting for queues or when you need to relax though. The other Disciple of the Land classes, Botanist and Miner are not really the same as Fisher, although they are fun and relaxing in their own way.

*The fish that desynth into those items are somewhat annoying to catch, but the items do still sell for a fair bit of gil. CUL desynth by and large has lagged behind all the others, but if you plan to do a lot of fishing, it's incredibly easy to level up to high levels.

**You don't necessarily have to do the sound thing, since rumble alone will still give you enough warning, but you can better pin down what kind of fish you're reeling in with sound AND rumble.
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User Info: Soma_Cruz_Alpha

9 months ago#4
Should i focus on completing the gathering/fishing log? Or just leveling? I'm lb 15 atm
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User Info: Shadystone

9 months ago#5
How's fishing at 70
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User Info: Karstien

9 months ago#6
Fishing at 70 is high profit if you know what to grab.

The aethersand needed for every one of the new stat potions is available to fishers 24/7 without an ephemeral node by catching and reducing false scad. A stack takes maybe an hour to get and sells for over a million. Catching lobsters is also pretty easy, they make a decent DH food for dps players, and sell for about 11k each on my server.

At 8am to 4pm eorzea time in clear or fair weather you can catch the new castaway chocobo chick minion, sells for around a million and is cute as hell. At any time with spearfishing you can catch the seahorse minion, sells for around 500k each and is pretty awesome. Red scrips are easy to farm if you catch sharks with spear fishing and yellow scrips if you catch the thousandfang, both at the same swimming shadows node as the seahorse.
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  3. i tried out fishing and now i can't stop playing!

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