what is the cause of bonus exp?

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  3. what is the cause of bonus exp?

User Info: chicksboii

9 months ago#1
I am a level 14 archer and i noticed that there's a bonus exp text. Is this called rested exp from offline or a potion bonus? Please let me know thank you

User Info: MHettenbach

9 months ago#2
you get rested Xp anytime you are in a town or logged out in a town. then when you are playing it slowly uses it.

it just makes leveling easier if you have to be offline for any period of time.
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User Info: PaleOak

9 months ago#3
Usually it's rested exp bonus you get for logging off in a town. You can also get bonus exp from certain gear, and from food.

User Info: Jiruru

9 months ago#4
Sometimes you also get bonus exp from "chain" killing, when you kill enemies equal to or above your level in rapid succession. (This seems to become less prevalent as you get further in the game as eventually you start being at least one level ahead of almost anything you're fighting and thus can't chain.)
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  3. what is the cause of bonus exp?

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