So what are your plans when you don't get to play tomorrow?

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  3. So what are your plans when you don't get to play tomorrow?

User Info: QueenTakhisis

9 months ago#1
To be fair, this is a semi-serious question. Meaning I don't care what you are going to do tomorrow, but I DO know most of us won't be playing FFXIV. And the reason is simple: Stormblood is officially released tomorrow, and that means everyone get to play. Think the queues were bad this last few days? That was for us early access players only. Tomorrow, everyone else is let in as well. And oh, boy, the servers are going to have a field trip! Considering I've been nr 2.000+ in line this time, it won't surprise me if I'm nr 3.000+ tomorrow. Possibly nr 4.000+.

But know what? I'm fine with it. I'm very happy about it, in fact. FFXIV was a complete disaster when it first released, and FFXIV: ARR didn't really interest me as much as I hoped it would. But now we're on to the second expansion, and the game is so full of life. So many people enjoying it. I tried to log in past midnight Sunday and STILL had long log-in queues to deal with. Amazing.

Don't get me wrong, I do hate not being able to play. But I do love that there are so many people still loving the game. It shows great promise for the future. But the whole point in this thread (for those of you still reading) is that there will be queues tomorrow. Most likely even worse than the last few days. And there will be more Wednesday, and quite possibly Thursday. This is just something we have to deal with. All popular MMORPGs struggle with this at launch. Error 37, Diablo fans? 5-hour log-in queues at launch, Aion-fans? This is nothing new.

The good thing is this is a very temporary situation, and nothing to worry about. When everyone and their grandma wants to log in at the same place at the same time, of course the servers will struggle. But give it a few days, and things will spread out and return to normal.

So... what are your plans for tomorrow when you're not getting to play Stormblood? I'm going to stick to ESO: Morrowind. I hated ESO when it first came out (as well as Oblivion and Skyrim), but ESO: Morrowind really takes me back to the good, old days of TES3: Morrowind. And I'd much rather spend time in my beloved Vvardenfell than complaining at the log-in queues in FFXIV. :-)
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User Info: psycofang

9 months ago#2
Work sleep work and remember to eat maybe

User Info: RavingSwoobat

9 months ago#3
Because of work, I play between 2 am and 8 am CST. Not too many people online during those times.

But, I'm pretty much going to try to level up some DoL and DoH classes. I really wanted to get ahead of the crafting/gathering game, but that didn't happen because I couldn't progress the MSQ until yesterday...

And, if the servers do experience issues, I'd probably play Persona 5, Bloodborne, Tekken, or The Sims, and do some house cleaning.

User Info: WrathSairou

9 months ago#4
If it is really that bad I might play WoW with my nephew. Although the server I'm on is not super high pop and I've only barely been above 300 in queue during primetime Saturday evening.

User Info: azure556

9 months ago#5
i dont think its gonna be worse then day 1 early access.

there is absolutely no way....right?

User Info: ShadowSilver13

9 months ago#6
I don't think its gonna be that bad at all. Anyone who did want to play the game probably got in with the early access, I don't think there will be THAT many others joining in
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User Info: Uta

9 months ago#7
If you purchased Stormblood even as late as yesterday you got into Early Access. I seriously doubt we'll recieve a significant wave of people the moment official launch happens. Most of the people who wanted Stormblood already bought it.
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User Info: Isilia

9 months ago#8
Queue times aren't even the issue if it doesn't boot you sporadically like a disgruntled football player.

I've plenty of other things to do. I'd like to go to work, but I have a team of doctors ready to sedate me if I try. |

User Info: RedMageStarfire

9 months ago#9
Yeah, I don't think there's going to be a significant spike of players. If anyone who wants Stormblood hasn't bought it and gotten their early access by now, they'll probably be trickling in when sales happen, etc.
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User Info: vayne145

9 months ago#10
everyone who WANTED to play got early access. I doubt official launch day will be as bad since it's a weekday and people already got early access for those who really wanted to play the content.
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